Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tosha Gets A Job

Tosha and Jayrus Capehart - Prosperity Falls

Hey, it's me Tosha. I haven't said my peice ever I am going to now. I don't know. I feel like there is something missing inside of me. Life with Jayrus isn't what I thought it would be. Yeah, he seems to be taking up the role of provider like a snow leopard ought to. He has made a nice place for us to live here, and I know he looked real hard to find a place that was pleasing to both of us. (See Jayrus and Tosha.) I appreciate that. I have kept house, and have given Jayrus a daughter, our darling Tosca.

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It seemed like there ought to be more to life. I love being a mother, don't ever think that I regret that for a minute. My darling Tosca is the spitting image of her dad, with my hair coloring. Her name is almost the same as mine. Jayrus worked himself to death with the job he had in Show Business, and has gotten himself another one in the medical field. He is a surgeon now. He told me he needs some science experience so he can begin his life's work of finding out what happened in his homeland. (See The Capeharts, Chapter 1.) I don't completely understand all that, but I do know it takes up a lot of his time here at home, when he isn't at work. I hardly know him any more. He is like a man possessed. He also tells me he wants to make $100,000 simoleons. Well, I don't care about the money. I want my family around.

I found I had alot of time on my hands, so I checked out Monster. com looking at the job ads for Prosperity Falls. I did find one, in law enforcement. It doesn't pay much for the dangerous work, but I am happy doing it.
Sometimes I think Jayrus hardly knows I am working now. I did end up hiring a nanny to look after Tosca, and Jayrus doesn't seem to mind. I don't even think he takes my working seriously. To him, it is like a nice little ploy to keep me entertained so he can get on doing what ever it is that he is doing. I will show him. You wait and see.
Sometimes I ride to work with Jayrus, and he is so busy with 'shop talk' with some of his co-workers he hardly notices I am there. One day we both brought co-workers home with us for dinner. It was just like our old college days...all of us together. Me, Jayrus, and Ramey. I brought home Ricky from work. He married Jayrus' sister, Janelle. That same day, Jayrus hit a big financial milestone. He made $62,500 simoleons. I think he will make his $100,000, but at what cost? Little Tosca certainly doesn't get enough time with her dad. Oh wait a minute. She does.
Yeah, sure. He spends time with her teaching her about the 'homelands' and studying toxins in the body. My word, she is just a little girl! Why can't he spend time with her doing father /daughter stuff? Like reading to her, and pushing her on the swing? But my good girl Tosca is just happy to get time with him any which way, and patiently stands with him while he goes on and on. My darling girl.
I love my man-snow leopard Jayrus Capehart. God, I just wish I knew how to fill the sadness and emptyness inside. Maybe we need to go on a get-away...just the two of us.....


Catootje73 said...

Poor Tosha, she too has the burden of living with a fortune sim. I hope Jayrus will soon find out about the homelands and spend more time with his wife and daughter.

Simaholic said...

Well, I'm glad that Tosha has at least a job now and of course Tosca to help keep her sane. Darn those fortune sims ::shakes fist::

Alexis said...

Poor Tosha. I'm glad she still loves Jayrus though and his goal of fortune hasn't ruined that aspect of their relationship. Of course, Jayrus doesn't really know better as far as spending time with kids goes. His father pretty much did the same thing with him and he is doing with Tosca.