Monday, July 18, 2005

The Stricklands, Week5/Kids!

The Stricklands - Prosperity Falls

Hey, like it's me, Chevy? Yeah, like I know I go around helping everybody in Prosperity Falls solve their problems. But I do spend some time at home. Yeah. (Laughs) Just ask Kirstee. Well, we graduated from Sim State, and set up housekeeping. We both decided we wanted a big family. I thought it would just be the coolest thing to have lots of little Chevys running around helping people long after I am gone. Well we already have a daughter, Synclare. She looks like Kirstee, except she has pretty good vision. :)

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Ah, a beautiful daughter to match my beautiful wife. It seems like these days my purpose is to help around the house, 'because my Step-grandmother Brandi works as a Chief of Staff, and Kirstee is a Captian Hero for the good citizens of Prosperity Falls. I love it! I am available to help the kids with their homework, be there to play with them and get them ready for college. Yeah, I think they will all go.

Brandi spends a lot of time at the telescope at night after work. My uncle, and her son, Marc-Henry left for State two years ago, and I think Brandi reallly misses him. He is her only son. Well, he was sort of inconsiderate, he didn't come to her birthday party. I guess I might be partly to blame for that, I did go out to State and help him a little with his social life. I had to show him how to throw a party! (See University/A New Beginning And A Graduation.) He had no idea. I figured me doing that would help him find a girlfriend. The guy don't have it altogether when it comes to meeting people. Well, hopefully he was spending that time meeting women at school.

Well, eventually Kirstee and I had two boys. I tend to watch alot of TV while since I'm not working. I named the boys Fraiser and Niles, after characters in my favorite TV show, Fraiser. I am trying to get Kirstee to agree to name our next daughter Daphne or Roz. She's not going for my idea. I wonder why? Anyway? Here are their pictures.

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That's Fraiser's baby and toddler pictures. Kirstee is such a beautiful mom! Fraiser has freckles like Kirstee, but he has my haircolor and eyes.

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And here is Niles' pictures. See? He has my skin! No freckles here! In fact, he looks like a little carbon copy of me.

You know, Kirstee and I have been doing alot of talking. We decided things are really great here, and we LOVE having children. Kirstee has told me she wants 10 kids! I can handle that, if Kirstee can handle that. Poor Uncle Marc-Henry won't have a bed to come home to when he graduates State. But, he will have the skills to get a good job and make money to get his own place. You know? Speaking of all this baby stuff. Kirstee actually found a day to go to work as Captian Hero inbetween being pregnant. Here is a work picture of her. I just had to snap is rare to see her in uniform. In fact though, she is pregnant with our fourth child here, but not showing yet. She really is a hero in my book for everything she does!

I am looking forward to my fourth child...hey...if it is a boy...maybe we can name him...BULLDOG!

Or, maybe we can name him...........



Simaholic said...

LMAO!!!! I love the Fraiser names! Too Funny!!! Then when you run out of names from Fraiser you could always go back to the Cheers days :o)

Anyway, great update!

Alexis said...

LOL! Those names are too funny! Will Kirstee keep agreeing to those Frasier names? Perhaps Chevy will have to find a new show to base the names off until Kirstee catches on to those too!

olivethegreat said...

I love how enthusiastic Chevy is. And ten kids, eh? That's going to be interesting. [=