Friday, July 08, 2005

The Stricklands, Week 4/Chevy Starts His Family

The Stricklands - Prosperity Falls

Hey - this is Marc-Henry. I am gonna tell ya everything that has been goin' on since Chevy came back from Sim State. I would just rather stay in my room and listen to music, but from what I understand, somebody always steps in and tells this thing. It is my turn, so I guess I will go with the flow and do it.

Chevy, first of all, is my nephew. I know it sounds wierd with him bein' and adult and me just being a teen-ager. Here is how it happened. My dad is Landell Strickland. My mom is Brandi LeTourneau..well, when dad married mom, she was his second wife....late in life. Mom said they got married so dad's grankids, Chevy and Shauntasia, would have somebody around to take care of them when dad wasn't around anymore. Dad got mom pregnant with me when Chevy and Shauntasia was already grown up to teen-agers. Then he died. I never knew him. But I visit his grave in the back yard.

Anyway, Chevy went to Sim State University and everything, then came back home. I am getting ready to go too, but I wanted to get this out of the way before I go. Chevy and Kirstee Bostic are in love, always has been since they were teen-agers. The minute Chevy graduated, he and Kirstee had a wedding in the back yard.

Actually the whole thing was kind of nice. I got to meet some of the people Chevy met in school, and some of the Bostic girls. Kirstee is a real nice lady too, we have already become friends. And, Chevy got her pregnant right away with my grand-neice Synclare. Isn't that a riot? I am only a teen-ager and already I am a grand-something. Man. I just realized that while I was telling you this story.

Anyway, Kirstee was working her job too. She got a job in law enforcement...went to work one day then her boss put her on maternity leave because her stomach was pooching out. So, she took a few weeks, and before I knew it Synclare was born. A kid in the house. But I guess that is how Chevy felt when I as born. She didn't cry much, but I spent most of my time in my room anyway. Right after she was born, Kirstee went back to work. The first day back, she got a promotion.

It seemed like after that, Kirstee was in a great mood all the time. Now she goes around sayin' she wants lots of grandkids. What would that make me? A great-grand-uncle?

Again, I really didn't spend a whole lot of time around anybody. I am shy. In fact, with the new baby in the house and all it seemed like my birthday just kind of slipped by everybody when I became a teen-ager. When that happened, everybody started talking about how I needed to start sending out college apps and everything, and start looking of student financing. Man, I didn't know if I wanted to do all that. But Chevy, being the great man he is, sat down at the kitchen table one evening and started going over all that with me and got me set up for Sim State University, his alma-matter. Since dad is gone, Chevy sort of runs things around here. Mom is too busy working as a doctor to pay any attention.

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I decided right then I was glad Chevy was around. Not only was he being a great dad to Synclare and a great husband for Kirstee, he took care of me too. I was glad then that everything had happened the way it did.

When Synclare had her birthday I realized it was no big deal I didn't get a cake or a party, because she didn't either. Kirstee had just come home from work, she hadn't even had a chance to change her clothes, and she helped Synclare grow up.

Man that kid had the wierdest looking eyes I had ever seen on a kid. They are purple! But then I realized they are the same color as Chevy's. And she has these cute little freckles all over her skin like Kirstee. Chevy's ego expanded when Synclare grew up. Then he made a big announcment - he and Kirstee were going to have another baby! I knew right then that it was a good idea for me to get out of the house and get to State.

Mom was having a time herself. After Chevy and Kirstee got married, mom moved to one of the spare bedrooms upstairs. She said she didn't need a great big double bed anymore since she isn't seriously interested in men now. She has this one guy Abhijeet that comes around every now and then, but it isn't serious. I think it is all physical. *smirk*. She just borrows Chevy and Kirstee's bed when he comes over. But then mom got it good at work, she got what she had been working for all these years.

Mom finally got promoted to Chief of Staff at the hospital. Now that she is there, she says it isn't as great as she thought it would be, and is looking for something else to do with her life. She says she married a great man like Landell, she had me, she worked her way up to the top of her career. What else was there left for her?

I don't know what she is going to do with her life, but I am moving on to college. Maybe I will meet someone there, or maybe not. I don't even know what I want to major in. I guess I will just get there and find out.


Simaholic said...

Cute update. I love how Marc-Henry doesn't really know how to explain his relationship to Chevy and his daughter. It is a very confusing family dynamic.

straberiwine said...

I love these updates. It's so great the way you can change voice with each post. I'm gonna attempt to do that with my updates, but I'm sure they'll be far from as entertaining as these are.

Alexis said...

Another great update on another great family! Hmmm...I wonder if Kirstee will encounter her sister in her career?

SpongebobTanu said...

Synclare is so adorable! i love the relationships in this family no matter how complicated.

Anonymous said...

I liked this update because it gave me a chance to get to know Marc-Henry better. I love the way he talks.
Synclare is really cute and I love her name. It's neat that she has purple eyes.
It seems to me that Brandy may be going through a bit of a mid-life crisis or something. [=

Chrissy Brown said...

Synclare is adorable,love the purple eyes and I love the way Marc-Henry talks