Friday, July 08, 2005

The Robbins, Week 4/Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

Title: Babies, Babies, Everywhere!

Meadow narrating:Timo and I got married in Ramey Bostic's back yard the day we arrived from Sim State. It was so beautiful. I had developed a horrible crush on Timo Robbins as a teen-ager. I was heartsick. I was just certain I would never get really close to him. He seemed so different compared to regular guys. But I got to get really close to him while I was at state. See, he was friends with my girlfriend, Ramey Bostic, and she invited Timo to a party at our rented house. My heart was racing a mile a minute. I was actually sitting next to him! We talked all evening. Well we saw each other off and on at different functions, and then we were talking on the phone until all hours of the night. day he invited me over to his place, and he gave me an engagement ring! It was the biggest rock you ever saw. He slipped that baby on my finger and I decided right then I would do everything I could to stay with him forever. Everything seemed great...for a while...

Well, naturally we lived in Timo's house afer we got married. But I didn't know he had a sister. Her name was Kamika, and she lived there too. My god, she was so nasty to me! I felt like she hated my guts. That girl didn't do anything around the house. Well it might have been because she was due to deliver a baby any day, but I just got the feeling she didn't want it. Like it was inconvenient for her to be a mom. I got so sick of listening to her say, (adopting a whiny voice) "Meadow, could you bring in the paper? Meadow, the toilet is stopped up, and oh, there is dirty dishes on the counter."

I didn't want to make any trouble for Timo because he had been studying alot. He just got Chief of Staff at the hospital, and now he was studying to be a scientist. I am so awed of Timo! He is so smart. But anyway, I just kept my mouth shut and didn't tell Timo anything that Kamika was saying to me.

The day came when Kamika gave birth to a beautiful little girl she named Kerris. But then Kamika did the strangest thing. She handed the baby right to me! I took her and fed her a bottle while Kamika took a shower, got something to eat, then went to bed. That baby girl was so sweet, how could anyone not want to hold her and take care of her? Guess what, that person was Kamika. I had her pegged right. She didn't want Kerris.

Timo didn't involve himself in domestic matters. He was busy working and studying. Me, I sat in the house all day and watched Kamika's lovers troop in and out of the house, and I took care of Kerris. I started feelin' sick...I started hoping secretly it was morning sickness. I loved taking care of little Kerris, but I wanted to hold my own child in my arms. Timo's child.

It is I! Timo! Meadow, you are my wife! But now I must tell about the behavior of my sister Kamika, and how she was banished from this house! It is true, I spent large amounts of time studying medicene and science. But I was not blind to what my sister was doing to my dear wife Meadow. I could no longer turn a blind eye to Kamika's urges to bed every earth man she could find. I was starting to fear she would begin taking earth women too. I did not want my son to be raised in that type of atmosphere. It was with a heavy heart I informed Our Good King of Anatoth that Kamika had disappeared from our home. I could not bring myself to tell him how Kamika had spoiled her part of our mission. I did however, spread the good news of Kerris' birth. The first Anatothian child born on Earth. But again, I could not bear to say Kerris did not have our ears.

I knew I had to take a hard line the day Kamika publicly ridiculed me for marrying my earth woman, Meadow. My Anatothian heart shattered into a million peices. For the loss of my only family member, for the loss of our mission, for the Anatothian peoples. I knew then, it would be up to me, and me alone, to continue the Anatothian race. Kamika packed her bags and was gone that day. I know not where she went. She left little Kerris behind with myself and Meadow to raise. I do not care to ever see her contenance again.
The day came when Meadow gave birth to my son Zaed. I named him after a great Anatothian, my father. I was proud and relieved to see he had the Anatothian ears, so vital to our reproduction. He had the good fortune of inheriting my looks, although he had his mother's yellow hair. Now, my home had two beings for the Anatothian peoples. I knew I would impregnate Meadow again soon.

The day came when Kerris grew up to a toddler, and began walking. She had the Anatothian skin tone, but that was all. Her eyes were not even Anatothian. I began to doubt she would make good stock to pass on our genes. I began to think I should find Kamika and bring her daughter to her, but my wife had become attached to the little one. Kerris would stay in my home. I privately began to think of the tests I would run to find out who Kerris' father was.

My son was a quick learner. I know he will be a great Anatothian! On the same day of his growing up, he learned to talk, walk, and developed good hygenic habits. I will tutor him to continue the mission for the great Anatothian peoples!

For myself, I have aged just as Earth people do. That is the one thing our men of science on Anatoth could not change about our genetics. On Anatoth, we live for a minimum of 500 earth years. When Kamika and I came here, I came with the knowledge that as soon as we breathed in the earth atmosphere, our chemistry would change and we would age rapidly. Kamika does not know this. I live knowing that where ever she is she will lose her beauty in the bat of an eye. Then she will have nothing.


Simaholic said...

Ooooo, I want to know what happened to Kamika. Has she also joined the gentleman's club? LOL

Alexis said...

Interesting. Poor little least she has Meadow. I'm curious to find out how Kamika takes her fading youth...I kind of feel sorry for that awful woman.

Shelby said...

I think the Robbins are my overall favs! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for poor little Kerris, but I am sure that Meadow will be a wonderful mother to her.