Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Morgan-Rose Gets Ideas

Morgan-Rose Bostic - Prosperity Falls

Hey, it's The Rose here. Yeah, that is the name I have given myself. Let's see...a rose is a Morgan-Rose! I graduated from Sim State, where I got a nice big taste of freedom, and where I realized what I wanted to do with my life. Sure, I got a nice degree in the Culinary Arts. I have a great job as a Celebrity Chef. That was to keep dad happy. But you know what. I realized that men is where it's at. I was a virtual woo-hoo machine at State.

When I came home, I lived with dad for a few days, while I scoured the real estate ads for my dream building. I found it.
I found a large victorian that was within my budget. The only thing inside of it was a loveseat, a fridge, stove and a kitchen counter. Of course a stocked bathroom. But the most important thing of all, it had a gorgeous double bed. I love this place! I have a dream. That I can woo-hoo here all I want without anyone bothering me...and any man in Prosperity Falls who will woo-hoo with me will know he can come here!
I started out by inviting all my old lovers over one by one from State to woo-hoo with me. Then I started meeting men from the Falls. I was having a blast. Then I remembered I had met Kamika Robbins at Dad's house. She was telling me all about her woo-hoo's too...and I started thinking.
Kamika was an experienced woo-hoo-er. I wondered what it would be like if both of us lived here, woo-hooing. I could only begin to imagine much fun it would be, two sisters of a kind, doing what we loved best, and talking about it openly. My sisters, Ramey, Kirstee, and Pachionetta would be disgusted by my desires. But me and Kamika...I couldn't wait. I had to call her up and tell her about my ideas.

She told me she thought it was all a great plan...she also told me that she had had her baby...a little girl named Kerris. Went on to say that her brother was being a jerk by marrying his goody-two shoes girlfriend Meadow. She told me she couldn't wait to get out of that house. Baby-raisin' wasn't for her, and Meadow just seemed to look down her nose at her. Her and Timo never got along anyway. So, she agreed to come over and we would talk business.

I decided in the meantime, until everything came together, to get a different look than I had. I had been carrying around the same hair-do and makeup since I was a teenager. I was thinking since I was on my own now, I needed to look a little more sexy for my new life. I didn't have a lot of working cash since I had just bought the house, but I went shopping and bought a new dress, and got my hair dyed and some extensions put on. I was likin' what I was seein'!

Well, the first time Kamika came over to go over our plans, she brought one of her lovers with her, Waylon. When they came in the house, I went to get some snacks out of the fridge, and they were all over each other! I knew right then, that my idea was gonna go over well! I didn't even get a chance to go over anything with Kamika, she was busy with her man. I just went upstairs to lay low for a while, while they finished up what they were doing.
Well, eventually things settled down, and Waylon left. I came down and started talking to Kamika, and we agreed on various roommate type rules and such. Finally, she agreed to move in and I felt like I was on top of the world! She brought a nice chunk of change with her that we used to put up some new wallpaper and we did buy a few odds and ends. Everything went great for a day or two. Then something happened, I never expected, and Kamika didn't tell me about.
Kamika had a birthday! I acted like I was happy for her since I had arranged for her to move in with me. But now I look at it like this. I have this old woman living with me now, and we are supposed to be soul sisters in woo-hooing? Kamika doesn't act like anything is different. She says just because she had a birthday doesn't mean she still can't woo-hoo just as she always did. I am doubtful. But now I am sad. I pictured to young vital women doing what we loved best and being soul-sisters. Instead, it is just one vital woman, and an old fart. Man, what am I gonna do!


Anonymous said...

Poor Kamika... At least she doesn't have a negative additude about her elderfication. Something tells me at least Waylon won't care... And Rose will probably warm-up to her again.

Alexis said...

I feel sorry for Kamika too! I hope Rose gets past Kamika's age, because I have a feeling her elder status won't slow her down a bit!

Anonymous said...

Haha. I love how Morgan-Rose was not expecting that at all. However, Kamika still looks great as an elder (I'm sure she would look better with a makeover), so I'm sure she will have no trouble getting more lovers.