Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mercedes, The Social Butterfly

Mercedes Energizes Sim State University - Mercedes Capehart tells her story of popularity.

Like wow! I never thought college could be so much fun, and so tiring at the same time. When me and my boyfriend Ricky got here, we had rooms in the Pinenut dorm with a bunch of other kids. Trevaus and his girlfrind Nichole had rooms too, so it was like, all four of us here. See, my dad Giovanni has this thing about putting us out in the wilderness, and is always telling us kids stories about the 'homeland' but all I have ever known is here and now. I grew up in Prosperity Falls, on a peice of ground that has a little mountian and a pond on it. It is like really dad buried my grandma Tonaka and my Aunt Payeria up on the mountian, so it is like I see the graves when I go up there. Dad said he wants to be buried up there too, along with Calista, my step-mom.

But anyway, when I moved to Sim State, it was like I had all these kids around me and I could make some real friends, finally! When I wasn't studying, I was always on the phone talking to somebody, or we were doing fun things like just sittin' and talkin' together. You know? Like I never had a chance to do much of that back in the Falls.Mercedes becomes the Big Sim on Campus The next thing I know, they are calling
me the Big Sim on Campus, and I am still a freshman! It was like, I never felt so good in all my life! Back in the falls, I never dreamed I would be this popular! All the kids wanted to be friends with me, and I all I had to do was just talk with them for a few minutes. Ricky doesn't understand all this, he talks to me about when we go back to Prosperity Falls, how we are gonna settle down and stuff and raise a whole passel kids. I guess that would kinda get me some people to be around...I would have the kids. But sometimes I don't know what to think when Ricky starts talking like that. Yeah, I can picture myself being a mom and stuff, but 6 kids???

Well, anyway, the next thing I know, I have made 10 best friends, after I became a Big Sim on campus. I went over to the frat house that my brother Jayrus started with Chevy Strickland, I remember, that day. When Chevy became my best friend, I moved on up to having 10 best friends. Now I start thinkin' what it would be like to have double that! 20 best friends! Well, I tell you. I knew I could make a lot more friends if I asked Chevy and Jayrus if I could join their Greek house, and they let me in. So, it was like constant partying and meeting new people all the time, more kids around than I could possibly meet and make friends with. I just tell a few jokes to break the ice when I meet somebody new, and then they are ready to hang out a while. But there is one thing I gotta tell you about. There is a Secret Society on campus, a very exclusive club!

It is the most awful thing though, the way you join. You don't pick them, they pick you! A guy comes right into your room at night, says a couple of things to you that you don't understand. Then, he slaps some cuffs on ya like you are a criminal or something! When it happened to me, I felt like I didn't have a choice in what was going on, I was so scared I just went along with it.

At the Secret Society

The guy dropped me off in front of a house that I later found out is called The Landrabbe Society. There I as in my thin nightgown, it was midnight and stuff, and the air felt chilly. I didn't know what to expect. The next thing I knew, a bunch of kids came pouring out of the house yelling and clapping their hands. One girl gave me a jacket just like hers, and told me I was now a member of the Secret Society because of the friends I had. I knew this was something real special. Having all those friends paid off! I got a cool outfit out of the deal too. I didn't stay long because it was so late and I had to get back to the dorm and stuff. But the whole thing was really fun.

Mercedes reflects on the days events

Well, now there I was, just finishing up my freshman year of college. I was Big Sim on campus, I gained membership to a Greek house and to the Secret Society. Now, my brother Jayrus has graduated from State, and I took his place in the frat house. I am three semesters away from graduating myself. I have 16 best friends at State, and I am getting more before I graduate. I collect friends like some kids collect Cd's. Friends are for a life time...


Simaholic said...

Great update!

I'm very impressed that Mercedes was a big sim on campus her freshman year! I always seem to have a hard time with getting my sims to make and keep best friends so I am always very impressed with you people who can do it!

Annette said...

The pictures of the secret society are very cool. I've never ever gotten one of my Sims in! I think I'm going to have to send my next Popularity Sim to Uni and try a little harder.


ASimWen said...

Thank you for the nice comments, Annette, I hope you enjoy reading about the Falls. I try to update 3 - 5 lots a week. I usually post the updates by every Sunday evening.

Alexis said...

Wow! I don't know how you do it, but it seems like you achieve so much so quickly! Mercedes being BSOC in her freshman year is incredible and to have that many best friends already--wow!

ASimWen said...

Hehehe it is called "Influence!" Mercedes did none of her own work. With the aspiration points she collected, others did her term paper and her homework!

olivethegreat said...

You are doing really well on what I am assuming is a LTW of having 20 best friends. She is cute. [=