Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mecedes and Ricky

Mercedes and Ricky - Prosperity Falls

I do not understand what is wrong with Mercedes. We had a real good time at State and everything, and it was understood between us when we graduated that we would start a great life together. I propsed marriage to her with the assumtion that we would settle down and start a family. Well, that isn't what is happening!

Let me start out by saying that my Mercedes is the most beautiful and exciting woman *snow leopard* I have ever met in my entire lifetime! We are living together in the same house as I thought we would, but my Mercedes is not intersted finishing up my marriage proposal, or being the mother of my children. She has continued the life she had in college. She wants to do nothing by make friends. When I confronted her about this, she said, "Ricky, darling, you know I love you most in the world. But you also know I must have many people around me to be happy. Making friends is the most important thing to me!"
I began to feel left out of Mercedes' life with all the social calls she made. If there wasn't someone at the house with us, she was out somewhere visiting racking up more friends. So I decided, in all my wisdom, I would join her. I began to call up people I knew and started inviting them over, and began making friends. It began to get crazy! So crazy...
That one night as we stood out on the stoop of our ranch style house yakking up a storm to friends, Mercedes just decided enough was enough. (Mercedes reached her impossible want for 30 best friends). Her tongue stopped in mid sentence, and she went inside and sat down to the computer. She said it was time for her to get a job and begin to live life. I was so happy, I had tears in my eyes! Now perhaps she could join me in trying to build a life. I quickly sent all the friends home with profuse apologies, and a peice of cake. I had been working along and was now a private dick with the police force. My Mercedes got a job in the culinary industry as a souse cook. Perhaps maybe the next time YOU visit, I will have better news for you! Like Mercedes is now my wife!


Alexis said...

I do hope Mercedes and Ricky wed and have babies! Ricky seems like such a nice guy and he certainly loves Mercedes--I wish them both the best!

ruby said...

I quickly sent all the friends home with profuse apologies, and a peice of cake.

That line had me cracking up! I love your story so far and can't wait to keep reading!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Impossible Want of 30 best friends! I have never tried it.