Sunday, July 24, 2005

Kerris Meets Marc-Henry

80 Crumplebottom Road - Sim State University

Marc Henry Strickland

Big Sim On Campus, Secret Society,
Greek House, LifeTime Want *20 Best Friends*, Summa Cum Laude.

House Rental - Sim State University

The three friends start Sim State together. Kerris Robbins, Janelle Capehart, and Marsha Brueing. They arrive in the same taxi to the most popular rental at State....the haunted house. The girls were fortunate it was empty at the time they registered, and grabbed it right away. They had heard stories, oh yes. And wanted to try their luck with the resident ghost.
While Janelle and Marsha got right to work on their term papers, Kerris got on the phone with the rental agent who rented the house to them. She wanted to find out who last rented the house, and learned it was Marc-Henry Strickland. She tracked him down at 80 Crumplebottom Road, where he had moved into the Greek house. She wanted so much to talk to him and learn about his experiences when he lived there.

Kerris talked for some time to Marc-Henry. He told her the story of his neice Shauntasia Strickland who wanted so badly to have music at her party that she attempted to repair the stereo herself, and thus, was electrocuted. (See The Kids Start University.) Shauntasia's ghost haunts this same house...she is always hoping to finish college after all. Marc went on to say he had seen her several times while he was there. He agreed to come and talk with the girls some more the next day.

Marc came as promised. Janelle and Marsha were at class so Kerris had Marc-Henry all to herself. She listened for a few minutes to the great stories Marc had to share, and then she suddenly decided to invite Marc to a party that night. Kerris didn't know what had gotten into her, it wasn't like her to have an impromptu party. Or any kind of party. But all the same, Marc agreed to attend. Kerris was excited, and began the preparations.

The party began that night without incident. Until the Prosperity Falls busy-body crashed the party, Chevy Strickland. It just so happens, that Chevy is Marc-Henry's nephew. Chevy was enjoying the food and the music, until he heard Kerris mention Shauntasia. Shauntasia was Chevy's sister. Chevy became irate.
He did not behave like his usual sweet unassuming self. He began to speak in low quick hard tones to never mention Shauntasia again. Kerris did not mention the ghost again, but quietly asked Chevy to leave. She did not want an incident at her first college party.

Things were quiet for the next few months. Kerris and Janelle majored in Literature, and Marsha chose Phsycology. The girls met a lot of people on campus, and got on very well in their classes. Kerris saw Marc-Henry from time to time and enjoyed a few low pressure evenings out with him. Just for fun. Then, he called Kerris one afternoon and invited everyone to his party at the Greek house. It was to celebrate his passage into his Senior year. Kerris excitedly told Janelle and Marsha they were invited to the Crumplebottom Greek house for a party and all three girls immediatley began getting ready to go. By now, the girls were beginning the second semester of their sophomore year.
The party was already in full swing when the girls arrived. Marc-Henry was waiting on the porch anxiously watching for Kerris's arrival. He kissed her hello, and murmmered he could not wait any longer to tell her..he loved her. Kerris's heart melted like sugar icing and she professed her love for him as well. Marc asked Kerris to move into the Greek House with him, and she agreed as long as Janelle and Marsha could move in too. Marc agreed. So, the girls moved in the next day. Kerris and Marc enjoyed a room together, with Janelle and Marsha having their own.

Marc and Kerris did everything together, just about. It was as if they couldn't get enough of each other, and never tired of each other's company. Until one evening, during yet another Greek house party, Marc asked Kerris a very important question.
"Kerris," he said, "I am going to graduate soon, and move back to Prosperity Falls. I want to know you will be with me always. I want to go back to the Falls and start making a place for us to start a life together, and live for always. Will you become my wife?" A tear of happiness slid down Kerrris's cheek. "Yes, yes I will marry you Marc-Henry. I want to live with you forever." And they kissed. It was settled. Kerris and Marc-Henry were going to be married after Kerris graduated from State and moved back to the Falls. Marc would be there waiting for her.

Marc-Henry graduated and moved back to the Falls. Kerris now mechanically spent her days going to and from class, doing the heavy work the professors assigned. Just waiting for her graduation day to come so she could go back to Marc-Henry.

During these days, Janelle and Marsha had sort of become an odd 'third' wheel. They had spent alot of time together, being that neither girl had found a love interest. It seemed like everything had centered around Kerris and Marc-Henry. After Marc left, Kerris remained to herself, living for the evenings when she and Marc could talk on the phone. He would fill her in on his day, keeping her satisfied with the progress on their soon to be new life. Janelle had thought that when Marc when graduated and left the house, the threesome would be complete again. But it wasn't so. It was Janelle and Marsha, with Kerris living with them.

Janelle and Marsha realized a certain affection for each other. Marsha felt it as strongly as Janelle did. But she was confused about her feelings, as she had had her first woo-hoo with Professor Elmer. But she did not harbor any more than that for the good professor. She realized her heart beat for Janelle.....


Alexis said...

Interesting--Janelle and Marsha. I wonder how Giovanni will react to this news?

Shelby said...

whoa! i was not expecting that one!

olivethegreat said...

I wasn't expecting Marsha and Janelle to get together. I wonder what Giovanni will think! They would be pretty cute together though.