Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jayrus And Tosha

The Jayrus and Tosha Capehart Household - Prosperity Falls

Here we are moving into our house across the street from dad's place.

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We moved in and Tosha began keeping house right away. I really looked long and hard to find real estate that would make and keep both of us happy. But, there is room for us to have a couple of kids, I know Tosha wants 'em. Me, I just wanna work and make a pile of cash.

Well, it looked like Tosha was gonna get her wish, 'cause shortly after we moved in, she was tellin' Nichole, Trevaus' fiancee, that she was pregnant.

Tosha figured she got pregnant right before we moved out of dad's house. The baby was due real soon, and I was workin' as hard as I could to make a good life for him or her. Well, right before the baby was born, I made it to the top of my career, an Icon in Show Biz. Well, Show Business isn't all it is cracked up to be, lemme tell ya. I realized I didn't like 'no privacy' policy of holding a job like that. So I quit. I didin't want my family living under a camera lens. Now I am looking for something else.

But anyway, Tosha started interviewing nannys and inviting our friends over when she started to show. She was so happy!

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I hardly knew what was goin' on at the house, I was working so much. But the day finally came when Tosca was born. I happened to be home when Tosha went into labor. I was scared, but when little Tosca finally entered the world, I was a proud dad.

I didn't believe that my heart could get any larger than it did that day. I thought I had used up all my love on Tosha. And Tosha had been such a trooper carrying my child to term and giving birth to her. It made me want to work all the harder for my wife and my daughter. It is all kind of I am starting my family, and dad is still adding to his across the street from here. It looks like the Capeharts are becoming well established in Prosperity Falls!


Alexis said...

Tosca's a cutie! Sure looks like this family is expanding quickly!

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Anonymous said...

Tosca is such a cutie! I think this must be the biggest family so far. I wonder if it stays that way.