Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Capeharts, Week 5/Birthdays Galore!

The Capeharts - Prosperity Falls

I'm Tryce. Yeah..I am just a little kid, and my dad has white hair and wrinkles. He had a birthday, no cake or nothin', but he didn't seem to care. I know I would if I didn't get a party. My mom didn't act shocked or anything, just acted like it was normal for him to do that. I was still pretty much a baby when this happened. But then, I had my birthday, and there was a party. I have an older brother named Trevaus who I hardly know, but he came.
You know what? There was LOTS of birthdays at our house this week. I am now a kid, no longer a baby. My dad turned real old, and my sister Janelle had a birthday too! But lemme tell you. After I grew up a little bit, my dad made me start studyin' alot about junk I don't care anything about. Like cleaning and stuff. He tells me it is so I can help my older brother Jayrus figure out something about our homelands. (See The Capeharts, Chapter 1). I don't know what he is talkin' about. But I did it anyway.
Well, there was another thing that happened that my dad got real happy about. I guess he got promoted at his job, he is a big guy in the army now. He is a general.

It is really cool, a helicopter comes to pick him up every day and takes him to work. Mom says it is noisy and the mailman complains it blocks the street when it lands to pick up dad, but I like it. Dad says our lives are going to be better now that he has the best job at his work. Well, mom is starting to gripe she wants to go out and get a job like dad, but dad says it isn't time. After he gets just one more kitten, then she can do what ever she wants.

Well, I tellin' ya about the birthdays we had at our house. When it came time for Janelle's birhday party, she invited her best friend, Marsha to come. Well, Marsha doesn't have a mom or dad or nothin'. So I guess Janelle felt sorry for her.

It was a great party. We had cake and everything, just like we did at my party. I started feeling like we were havin' cake almost every day! And Janelle got lots of presents, just like I did. But most of her stuff was junk she would use at college. Yeah, she was real happy about that. She got on the phone and called up about getting money to go to college, right in the middle of the party. I don't think I would do that.

Janelle Capehart - Aspiration - Family

It was a double party, it was Marsha's birthday too! We got to have another cake! Mom had everything ready for Marsha, so she must have known a head of time.
Marsha Bruening - Aspiration - Romance

Then Marsha did the same thing Janelle did. She called out about college money. She and Janelle had made up their minds to leave the next day at the same time. That left just me and mom and dad here. Well, I heard mom and dad the other night talking. Mom said she thought she was going to have another baby, all the 'signs' were there. I guess there is gonna be another kitten. Just what dad wanted.

Accomplishments this round: Giovanni reached the top of his career.


KittyB said...

Yay! Keep writing, 'cause I'm reading! --Kitty

straberiwine said...

I really enjoy your stories!

Alexis said...

Poor Calista wanting to go to work, but Giovanni wanting more kittens. It sure is difficult when two people in love want different things.

Anonymous said...

How did you get Marsha to grow up?

Shelby said...

Eaay, boolprop testingcheatsenabled true and then shift click on the sims and select age transition.

ASimWen said...

You got it, Shelby!

Anonymous said...

I feel kinda bad for Calista wanting a job and not being able to get one because she needs to have another kitten. I am sure things will work out between them though.