Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Capeharts, Week 4/A Wedding and a Birth

The Capehart Family - Prosperity Falls

I graduated from Sim State, and came home to our new Homeland in Prosperity Falls with my better-half-to-be, Tosha. I have known her since we moved here years ago when I was a teen. Oh yeah...I am Jayrus, eldest son of Giovanni and Antoya. I have pretty much kept a low profile since moving to Prosperity Falls. Being that I haven't spoken up yet, I figure it is my turn. Dad moved us here because of poison toxins in our homeland that killed my sweet mother Antoya. I intend to find out what killed mother.
But, on a brighter side, I have my own wife I want to spend the rest of my life with. Her name is Tosha. One of the first things I did when we graduates State, I set things right with her. I asked her to marry me.

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When we first came back from State, we stayed with Dad and his new wife, Calista. I wanted to have the advantage of working in my job for a while before setting up household with Tosha. Tosha was also a big help to Calista. Dad and Calista had my little step sister Janelle a few months ago, and now Calista is pregnant again. Well, I did get a job, but not exactly in the Science field to study about the toxins. I grabbed the first job I could find, and it was as a cartoon voice in show biz. I figured I needed to make some big money up front to fund my scientific research. During the time we were with dad and Calista, I worked my way up to Leading Man. But anyway, Tosha and I did get married. Here is a picture of our wedding.

We got married at the base of the mountian on dad's property. It was really nice. Alot of things happened that day. Of course Big Sim On Campus Mercedes came and embarrassed the heck out of everybody. The party was such a big success, everybody made a run for the bathrooms after the ceremony. Mercedes decided she was going to take a bath. Well, when the party was over, she left just as she was right out of the tub.

We were all mortified she felt the need to turn nudist on us all, but hey that is Mercedes. A surprise around every corner. ;) Well, anyway, After the wedding was over and Tosha and I got back from a short trip out, my little sister Janelle had a birthday.

My goodness, Janelle symbolizes the beginning of a second family for dad. Me, Mercedes and Trevaus are from the "Homeland" Janelle is a new beginning. Hopefully, a healthy new beginning.

Well, after Tosha and I got married, I started looking around for a suitable place for us to live. Dad is some kind of extremist wanting to live outside all the time. He is lucky he found Calista that would go along with that. I realize Tosha is from a differernt kind of life, and likes a roof over her head and a floor under her feet. Me, I still like the outdoors alot. I did find a nice place with lots of glass walls so I could feel like I was outside, and there is a pond in the yard with lots of naturalizing flowers and such. In fact, it is just across the street from dad's so we will be able to see him often. we got moved real quick, because Tosha had a mini-accident at dad's. She set the place in fire!

It really wasn't a big deal. The the fire deptartment came and put the blaze out, I felt bad because it was dad's house after all, with a little one there. I realized I needed to get us out of there to give dad and Calista some privacy. What is it they say? Having company is your house is like having a bucket of fish around. Nice at first, but after three days it starts stinking!

Well, dad and Calista had her kitten just before we moved out. His name is Tryce. He looks just like dad. Dad was busting with pride.... that makes two girls and three boys for the Capeharts now. Calista seems to be taking it all in stride. Dad is a different kind of snow leopard. Calista wants alot of kids too, so I think those two are made for each other.

Well, Janelle is already studying to move on to Sim State. Dad has managed to arrange things so we can all attend. Me, I work every day in our new home, and Tosha takes care of the house. Maybe one day soon we will start our family. I know Tosha wants kids.


Alexis said...

So Giovanni has had 2 kittens on Earth so far! Congrats to him. This family seems like a really nice bunch. Can't wait to hear more.

Anonymous said...

I think that Tosha and Jayrus are cute together. I can't wait to see what his step-siblings look like when they grow up. I have never married Calista in anywhere before but she seems like a really good mom.