Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Bostics,Week 5/To Have A Child, Or Not?

The Bostics - Prosperity Falls

Yeah, this is Lucas. I don't really feel like I fit in around here. I mean, I was invited here by Ramey one day...when her friend Meadow was gettin' married. It's like ok...there's a party goin' on, yeah, I will go. It was all good. Then Ramey sort of slid in a question, I had drunk a bunch of wine, you know? She asked me if I would stay with her, and I said I would. (See The Bostics, Week4/A Wedding, A Birthday.)

It's like back at school, she got all excited and gave me a ring. (See University/Chevy And The Others Graduate.) I thought it was just good bling-bling, then I realized I had agreed to become engaged to her. Man, I didn't realize it. But it ain't like I don't like her or nothin'.

She's alright, I guess. She's real smart too, she is Chief of Staff at some big hospital. Her sister Pachionetta is too. Well, Pachionetta first was some big crime boss, then changed her ways. Ramey's dad Marquez is some big-wig at a corporation somewhere. Me, I just edit home videos. A nice easy job that doesn't require me to really have any kind of responsibility. Seems like everybody is at work all the time and I just sort of hang out around the house. Well, I get to meet alot of people. I met up with Ramey's sister, Morgan-Rose.

Yeah, I met her back at State, and I knew she had a reputation. Well, she was hot back then, and she is even hotter now. She asked me to come by her place, right across the street, and we could have a good time together. Man I really like Ramey and all, but she is sort of bookish, you know? Morgan knows where it's at. That is one woman who knows how to have a good time. Ramey, well she just works, and if I am lucky she has time to throw me an occasional bone. It's like I am starving, man.
One day Ramey scared me on top of all that other stuff. We were sittin' together in the breakfast nook eatin' a pate of pancakes together, and she started talkin' about adding to the family. And I'm like, WHAT?
I didn't even wanna have that conversation. The last thing I want is to be strapped down with a kid. I ain't no 'dad' material. I just sort of slid over that conversation with lots of general statements, like yeah, it would be nice...but I didn't commit myself to anything. I think she is wondering when I am gonna pop the question. Man, if I have my way that will NEVER happen. I guess she is gettin' tired of waiting for that, and is just thinkin' about jumpin' head and startin' a family. If she is lookin' for husband and dad stuff, she is barkin' up the wrong tree with me.

I started wonderin' where I made my mistake? How did I get into this situation? I think sometimes I could talk to Ramey's dad about it, after all he is a good guy. But he is kinda crazy too. Well, he bought himself a new drum set. Who woulda ever thought an old codger would wanna jam out?

Man he comes home from the office every day and beats them drums until eveybody in this house complains about going deaf. The old man just keeps on. One day while nobody was around, I moved 'em outside. Well, I was bored and kind of wanted to so sumthin' to improve things, so I laid some brick in the front yard, kinda dressed up around Mr. Bostic's prize statue he bought. I put in some flower beds, and a fountain. Then I moved those blasted drums out there.

Anyway, back to what I was sayin'. It's like I like Ramey and all, but not like that. I am not that kind of man. Ramey's brother-in-law Chevy Strickland is the model husband/father....I think she wants me to be like him. If she don't stop pushing me for a kid, I think I am going to have to leave....maybe Morgan-Rose has a bed at her house.

Accomplishments this round: Pachionetta: Reached second LTW - Chief of Staff. Reached impossible want - Maxed all skills. Ramey: Reached first LTW - Chief of Staff.


Alexis said...

Hmmm...that last picture--is Ramey pregnant or does she have a cold? Interesting. Poor Ramey, she deserves a man who will make her happy and it doesn't look like Lucas is the right guy for her...

Anonymous said...

This made me feel bad for Ramey. Lucas does not seem like the kind of guy she should be with. And I am assuming that the last picture means she is pregnant. I guess I will just have to read on and find out. [=