Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Bostics, Week 4/ A Wedding, A Birthday

The Bostics - Prosperity Falls - week 4
Hi, it is me Pachionetta, reporting to you from Prosperity Falls. I told ya all about what I wanted to do when we got back here. How I wanted to go into crime and everything. Well, it ended up that I did get to do that, but I think I am going to start out by telling you that dad was really glad to see us.

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In fact, he was so glad to see us, he came running outside in his pajamas. He was inside getting ready to go to work when we arrived in the taxi from school. Everything was mass confusion. We were all crowding around dad all at the same time trying to get a hug in. Even though I had just seen him a couple of days ago at Ramey's graduation party it seemed like a life time since I had gotten to hug him. He eventually did get in the car to go to work, and that left we girls to our own devices for a while.

Meadow had come home with us that day, and announced she wanted to have her wedding with Timo right there in our yard. So we got busy planning an impromtu ceremony. Luckily, we were able to get a parson to come over to do help the happy couple tie the knot that afternoon. Morgan-Rose put out a great spread of food, using the culinary skills she had learned at state. She was glad to do it to get some catering practice in readiness for her job as a chef. Kirstee rushed around making sure all the guests were in place and playing hostess using the great skills I am sure she will be using as Chevy's wife. Ramey and I just sort of hung out and made sure all was ready. Finally, Timo came. Chevy came along, as well as Ramey's beau, Lucas.

It was nice, everybody ate alot of food, and Meadow and Timo were really happy. There was alot of toasting all around. Dad didn't make it home from work in time for the festivities, but that was okay. It wasn't like it was one of us getting married or anything. He came home right when the party was breaking up, and the stretch limo was pulling away from the house with Timo and Meadow inside taking them for a few hours to be by themselves.

While they were gone there was some trouble though. I just about cracked up when I saw Morgan-Rose haul off and give Chevy a wicked right hook.

Of course being that Kirstee and Chevy are engaged, they were bound to be hangin' all over each other. Well, Chevy pinched Kirstee's butt and she squealed with laughter and everything, then he gave her a great big 'ol kiss. Morgan came storming over and slapped Chevy hard right in the kisser. He acted like he didn't know what she hit him for. All I know is that it put Morgan-Rose in a bad mood for the next two days. Well, anyway Kirstee had a great big smile on her face when all that happened, so I guess she was glad about it. I don't really know what went on at school and everything, but I heard that Morgan-Rose had it bad for Chevy. I know he is a good looking Sim and everything, but gosh. You don't go after your sister's boyfriend.

Anyway, Meadow and Timo got back and everything, but then they left again right away to go live at Timo's place. Well I guess Kirstee got the "moveout" bug, she left with Chevy. So it is just me, Ramey and Morgan-Rose with dad. Ramey turned around then and invited Lucas to stay! So that big goof moved in. They took the big bedroom upstairs that dad had just had remodeled for himself. Those two had it bad for each other. The next thing I know they are hangin' all over each other just like Kirstee and Chevy did. They start talkin' about havin' their own wedding, but they decided to put it off for a while. Ramey wanted to work for a while at her job in the medical field first. Lucas got a job in a convenience store or something.

Morgan-Rose met a chick named Kamika Robbins a couple of days later, who was really big preggers. All Kamika could talk about was all the woo-hooing she does, and especially about a woo-hoo she had with her mailman Pao. She told Morgan-Rose she thinks Pao is the Sim who got her pregnant. Well, Morgan thought all the woo-hooing stuff was just the greatest thing she'd ever heard, but wasn't so thrilled to hear about the baby. Morgan-Rose told me she was glad to have met someone like herself who appreciated the finer points of Sim contact. She told me she felt like she had found a soul-sister! Shortly after that, Morgan-Rose withdrew all the money she had saved at State from the bank, and moved out. She mumbled something about starting a new venture.

Me, I only had to work a day or two before I got promoted right to top dog in the Prosperity Falls crime family. I got this real cool looking uniform to wear. Now if only I don't come across Kirstee as a Caption Hero. *giggle*

Oh had a birthday. We didn't do a party or anything. I guess we were still trying to recover from Meadow's wedding party. Dad seems real happy with the results of his impending life in Sim Elderhood. I hope he enjoys his golden years with that goof Lucas in the house and Ramey hanging all over him.

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Simaholic said...

Great update!

I love in the sidebar that you've got Morgan-Rose in the Gentleman's Club. That made me laugh! I can't wait to hear a little more about that one :o)

Alexis said...

Marquez is a handsome elder, isn't he? Congrats on her reaching the top of the criminal career so quickly.

SpongebobTanu said...

Morgan-Rose, that drama queen!

Marquez is a good looking elder.

Anonymous said...

Pachionetta looks cute in that uniform. I like how she and Kirstee are opposites. Marquez aged well into an elder. Why did Meadow marry Timo at their house?