Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Week 3 Back In The Hood

The Bostics
Well, all four of my daughters managed to win scholarships to Sim State, so I am finding I have lots of time on my hands. I am so used to getting four little girls up in the morning for school, checking over lessons, and giving quick hugs as they run out the door to the school bus. I am essentially, alone in the Bostic house. Leah hasn't bothered to call or communicate in any way whatsoever. I decided to spend a little time talking to my neighbors; getting to know other folks in Prosperity Falls.

I met some really nice looking women. I met Marylena Hamilton, she had a great sense of humor and came by for a few laughs. Through our conversations, I learned she wants to have a large family. Mentally, I wrote her off my list as a possible companion. I cannot give her what she wants. I am at a time in my life where I am looking forward to being Grandpa. I did meet a great lady named Christy. She was passionate about her studies and her job; and seemed like a warm and giving person. We eventually started to share a little affection. But I really don't know how far that is going to go. I am not looking to start over again in a serious relationship.

My girls took a break from school and came by for Sunday dinner. I was so glad to see them. I could expect nothing different from them than the deans list! I never went to college, so I guess I sort of live through my girls.

I did find some time to work on my shape, and the house some. I found myself huffing and puffing while running down a suspect on the mean streets of the Falls, and decided I needed to beef up some. So I invested in a peice workout equipment. I parked it right beside my bed on the patio. I realized all that looked kinda bed, my weightlifting machine, and the girls' chess set all right there outside on the patio, so I decided to get on the stick and hire an architect. I had another bedroom and a bathroom added to the second floor of the house. I moved my bed up there. I also bought some new duds, and added some flowers to our landscape. The girls aren't going to recognize this place when they come home from State!
The worse thing that happened was I almost burned everything down! Yeah, I was fixing my own supper one evening, I think it was Saturday night. No date for me...just me myself and I. I put a little cooking oil in the pasta water, and I guess some of it splashed out onto the stove. I panicked, I didn't know what to do. But luckily the batteries in the fire detector weren't dead, and it went off. Neil the fireman came and put out the inferno. I felt really low right then. I realized how much I really would like someone in the house. Again, I can't say it enough. I can't wait for the girls to come home.

The Stricklands
Landell's grandchildren Chevy and Shauntasia left for Sim State, leaving Marc-Henry and I all alone. I sort of thought Chevy was going to stick around and help out some but he decided to heed the call of the wild and was outta here.
It has been hard here for me without help. I had to hire a nanny to keep an eye on Marc while I worked. She treated Marc pretty well. I came home from work every day and he wasn't sitting in a dirty diaper and had a full tummy so I kept her around. I managed to get him potty trained and walking before he grew up. He is a happy child. He doesn't know about his dad, and barely knew his big sister, Shauntasia. They have both passed away.

Just because Landell is dead, doesn't mean I haven't seen him. I dream about him often at night, and he does vaporize every now and then and lets me know he still thinks of me. I miss him so. I also met Chevy and Shauntasia's mother, Carla. She haunts the house too. I like the fact she floats around and cleans up the place, I can use all the help I can get, even if it is an a ghostly form. I wonder when she comes out what she thinks of her children and the way the house is? It has changed alot since she died. We now have a second story. She nor Landell ever go up there. There were times though when it was real tough. I found myself pulling all nighters to study so I could get a job promotion. Then I would have to take a quick pick me up to get going again. I did manage to get a couple of promotions, I now am a general practioner. I want to be the big boss at the hospital; the Chief of Staff. I think I will make it with the support of my family.
I have been able to take some personal time and talk to my friends and get to know them a little better. Take a fella named Abhijeet that has been around the neighborhood for a long time. I hear he is a real womanizer. I have been friends with him for a while. But it seemed like he came around one day right when I was feeling my lowest. I was so glad to see him. I laid a couple of smoochers on him, but I hope he doesn't think anything of it. I am through with men.

Well, I think that is all. I am waiting for Chevy to come home. I hear he and Kirstee Bostic have gotten engaged. Hopefully, I will have everything in order around here when Chevy moves his bride in. I met Kirstee's dad Marquez a while ago. He wasn't happy because he thought I was peeking at him though my telescope. Ha! Wait until he has me for an in-law!

The Robbins
It is me Kamika! I get talked about an awful lot in Prosperity Falls, and in my defense, I told Timo I was going to speak this time! He agreed to step aside and let me tell my tale. It is true, Timo and I have been assigned to this blue planet to start a colony of the Anotothian people. Timo and I had to undergo many mental and physical changes to come here. I have spent my entire life an Anatoth being groomed to be the Queen on earth. Bah! I would rather lie with snakes.

On Anatoth I could have been great. I flew with the passion of the wind! Now I am here to be a fat cow, to have as many children as I can before my death. But for now, I have too much fun with the Earth peoples to think about bearing children and staying home. Timo, he is a fool. He has fallen right into the sceme of things from the King. He has asked that Earth woman, Meadow to bear children from his seed.
They are fools, both of them. If only it had been done the other way! If only I could be the one to merely spread seed, while Timo was the child bearer! Me, I must endure the pain and the ugliness of child bearing. I have been stripped of my ability to give another being a child. It is so unfair!

I have so much fun with the Earth men. I flirt with them, play with them, and lead them on. I have had so many lovers, I can hardly count them! Even Earth women cannot keep up with me. But, I am sad now. My fun is over. My ears healed, and then it happened to me. I am not sure which one it was, which lover. I have been impregnated with a child by one of them! Timo, he is angry. He started shouting, telling me this isn't the way it is done on Earth, that I should have gone through the traditional Earth marriage ritual first before making a child. I cried, I told him I did not know how it happened. Nothing in our studies on Anatoth prepared us for this.

Now, I must have this child, and perhaps with all Timo's learning and knowledge of earth chemicals and medicene, he will be able to determine who the lover is that gave this child to me. Then, I know what will happen. My fate will come to pass, and I will have to marry an Earth man. No longer will I feel the arms of a lover around me. I will see the same face day after day and forget about the wonderful spices Earth men have to offer.

Now I my belly is getting huge. No longer do I show off a wonderful slim waist that is so tasteful to the Earth men. How long will this last? I am ready for this child to come out!

The Capeharts
My family has come down in numbers since Jayrus left for college. It has been a time of both life and death. I am sad to say, my dear mother Tonaka passed away, leaving her sister (my aunt Payeria) in a nervous breakdown. I am so glad Jayrus happened to be here for her passing. It made everything so much easier.

She had a peaceful passing, but it was still sad. We buried her on the mountain where I had previously prepared a resting place for her. Aunt Payeria had been moping for days sad about the fact that she had never gotten married or had a family of her own, and had gone into a deep depression, teetering on the edge of a crying spell constantly. She had been so wonderful in dedicating her life to her sister, and Tonaka had had a great career as she is a learned woman; Payeria had stayed behind to assist in the raising of us kids. So when mom passed, it was too much for Aunt Payeria. She had a breakdown that lasted for a couple of days. She finally had to take to canvas to keep her fragile emotions under control.

It wasn't long before Aunt Payeria died as well. She had finally taken a job working in human restaurants. She came home from her job as a drive-thru worker one evening with a bad cold. I didn't think it was that bad. But alas, it was her time. Again, Jayrus happned to be here visiting at the time, and I was so glad to have my family around me. I buried Aunt Payeria on the mountain right above mom. I was sad, but then remembered something mom had always said, "Giovanni, as in the circle of life, in order for new ones to be born, others have to die".

Well, that is how it went. We now have two family graves on our new property. But let me now move on to more refreshing news about my family. This is happier information! I am proud to say, I finally have a new kitten. Her name is Janelle, and she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, but then I have said that about every kitten born to me. Here is her picture, and a picture of my wedding. I married my beautiful gardener lady, Calista.

I know I was having that torried affair with Kamika, the un-human woman I had met. I still have thoughts about her, but I am glad she is out of my life. I did hear that she has mothered a child. I do wish her well. Calista is a gentle-woman and agreed to mother my kitten right away. She put some of her wants and desires on hold for now. I have also gotten promoted in my job in the human military. I am now a Commander. My life is moving along smoothly. Jayrus has two more years of college, then he will be moving here with his new bride Tosha. I do not know how long they will stay. I understand they want a family as well.

Speaking of my other kittens. Mercedes has met a wonderful boy from the neighborhood, his name is Ricky. They seem to get along real well, and I can see that Mercedes really likes him. He is on the verge of leaving for college, and I think Mercedes will go with him as well. I am glad my kittens are thinking of following in Jayrus's footstep. Trevaus has met a nice girl named Nichole in the local electronics store.

Trevaus finds every opportunity he can to go to Four Winds Shopping hoping she is working so he can see her and talk to her. I can vouch for Four Winds, it is a great place to meet women. I met my own Calista there just a few short weeks ago. I do have trouble getting Trevaus to sit down and work on his studies. I want things to be easier for him when he goes to Sim State. Perhapes Nicole will be there was well to keep him company.

This is the end of my report for now. Perhaps next time there will be another new kitten!


Simaholic said...

Great update! These families are so fasinating. I'm enjoying your stories a lot. I look forward to hearing more :o)

aquatami said...

I love your neighborhood. The stories are very creative. Can't wait to find out what happens next.

Alexis said...

There's so much going on! So, Trimo was interested in Meadow and she shall be the bearer of his children, huh? I wonder who the father of his sister's child is? These stories are great!

SpongebobTanu said...

Janelle is absolutely precious! reminds me of how much i want a puppy. lol.

Twoflower said...

I love your cleaning ghost Carla! I always wanted a cleaning ghost.

Anonymous said...

This would make a wonderful book!

Anonymous said...

I love how different each family is. It really makes it more interesting to read and the characters stick in my mind better.