Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Stricklands, Chapter 1

Hi Ya, I am Chevy Strickland? I am the little kid in the picture, there? Well I guess I have to introduce you to our family? It is kinda sad because you see my grandpa there? And my mom too? In the picture? Well, they are both dead. Me and my sister Shauntasia had it real hard when we first came to Prosperity Falls. "Prosperity" my stinky foot! Like, this town has done nothing prosperous for us?

My mom's name is Carla. Well, she never even set foot in the house when we came here? She found a shiny pair of scissors in the yard and cut herself on 'em somehow while my grandpa Landell was gettin' me and Shauntasia settled in the house. We were just little kids then? Like, I really don't remember much about her. But we made a nice plot for her out in the back corner of the yard? Lots of pretty flowers and stuff, you moms like.

My grandpa Landell was real used to having mom around to take care of us and stuff. So like when mom passed, he wanted some adult company you know? He met this chick, Brandy LaTourneau. I guess they really got it on good and stuff, and before I knew it, they was gettin' hitched out in the yard. He said somethin' about us needin' someone around when he goes to visit Carla. I didn't know what that meant, but all I knew was we was gettin' another mouth to feed in the house. Grandpa didn't make but $77 a day on his pension check. It was like NO MONEY to do nothin'. He insisted me and Shauntasia concentrate on our school work? So no paper route for me or nothin'?

Well, I didn't know it, but Brandy had some money that she gave my grandpa. He fixed up the house real nice, and bought Shauntasia a piano she had been beggin' for. I was glad to get that. Grandpa said it was a birthday present for both of us? We had our birthday on the same day that grandpa announced Brandy was gonna have a kid. Here are our birthay pics:

That's mine. Well, when we grew up, grandpa told us we had to decide right then what we were gonna do with the rest of our lives. I was like, man, you gotta be kidding? Well I had to say somethin' real quick...and I thought about grandpa sayin' that Brandy was gonna have a baby, and so I just spit out I wanted to get married and have a kid? Grandpa nodded his head ok, and he smiled a little bit. I think I said the right thing?

Here is Shauntaisa's birthday pic. She had a couple of her friends over? Standin' beside her, that's Ramey Bostic? She is gettin' ready to go to Sim State? Sittin' on the couch back there, that is Timo Robbins, and then there's that irritating little kid that just never seems to shut up? I see 'im all around the neighborhood all the time and stuff.

When grandpa asked Shauntasia what she was gonna do with the rest of her life, she said she wanted to make as many friends as possible so she could, like, get a real good job, you know? I dunno how that set with grandpa, he just shook his head. Then he gave a big long lecture. *clearing throat, and lowering voice to sound like grandpa* "One does not reach success, my dear, by whom one knows. One is successful by good old fashioned HARD WORK!" I 'bout laughed my butt off, and Shauntasia got mad and went outside and sat with Ramey and talked for a while and left the rest of us alone.

Well, I was like, glad we had that big party, you know? Because the next day my grandpa died. Yep, just like that in the back yard. He croaked while he was paintin' a picture. When that happened I knew what grandpa meant when he said me and Shauntasia needed somebody around when he went to visit mom? All me and Shauntasia had then, was Brandy and that baby she was gonna have? All of a sudden, Brandy seemed really cool. There she was, livin' with two teen agers she wasn't even related to by blood, and pregnant. She quit her high on the hog job as a chef and came to live with us to take care of us.

Man, I really started thinkin' different about her then? One time she told me she really wanted to work in a hospital? So she got a job workin' on an ambulance, but she couldn't start until after the baby came? I was glad she was gonna do something that was gonna make her happy, after losin' grandpa and all. She really did love him.

Finally, Brandy had her baby. She named him Marc-Henry, and proclaimed Marc as the first baby born in Prosperity Falls. She said Marc didn't look anything like grandpa, but I can see grandpa in Marc's eyes? It sure is weird having a baby in the house.

Man, it sure felt right holding this baby? Like I started believin' that what I said on my birthday was true? That I wanted to settle down after graduation and have a family? But then I thought of the weirdest thing? This baby Marc-Henry was really my Uncle Marc-Henry! I kinda looked at him in a different way then? Should I act like a nephew around him, or should I just treat him like any other kid? Man, that is kinda messed up?

I guess grandpa won't ever let us forget him, the old fart. Shauntasia has gone crazy wantin' to exercise all the time, and was out back on the treadmill, you know? And like, all of a sudden, there was grandpa! He really did scare the pee right outta Shauntasia! We used to see mom all the time, but she hasn't been around lately? But that is the only way I can think of her, as a ghost? But it's like now we have two tombstones in our yard? Brandy put a nice iron fence around them, she said, it was like out of respect for the dead?

Man, I think I have told you everything about my family so far in Prosperity Falls? Me and Shauntasia haven't made up our minds or not if we are gonna go to State. I am kinda thinkin' Brandy is gonna need somebody around to look after Uncle Marc? So I might not go? And just get a job after high school and stuff. Oh I did forget to mention this?

I met Ramey Bostic's sister, Kirstee? Man, she is the bomb! I get to feelin' all weird and stuff when I talk to her? She isn't like any other girls I know? She just seems to like all the same stuff I like, and she laughs at my jokes? She even has these cute little freckles all over her skin, and I like said, they looked like angel kisses? Kirstee blushed real deep when I said that, and then she smiled so pretty? Well, I can't wait to go out with her, man. There's just somethin' about her!

Maybe next time Shauntasia can tell ya? See ya around?


Simaholic said...

So cute! I love the prospective you are telling it from! Chevy has such a great voice! I look forward to more!

Annette said...

I just came across your blog tonight, and already you have me laughing out loud. I just love how each of your characters have a real voice of their own. Excellent writing!

Now back to reading... ;-)

MysterySimmer992 said...

I love the accent! Very sweet :D

Alexis said...

Awww, Chevy seems like such a sweetheart! I hope he and Kirstee work out...they would have some lovely kids!

SpongebobTanu said...

I love grandpa, he is so funny! This is such a sweet story. I hope things go well for the kids and Brandy.

Twoflower said...

I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for Brandy. I've never been a fan, but it's good that Chevy and Shauntasia have her.

Anonymous said...

Chevy and Kirstee would be so cute together. It seems both Chevy and Shauntasia have had a hard life with their mom and their grandpa's death. It's nice that they have Brandy around. I really like her. It's weird to think that Marc-Henry is the kids' uncle though. [=

Jänis Policy said...

This neighboorhood has come alive right from the start. Overall, this household is in better order than the previous one. I expected a children or teen-only family for moment at the start. But it's ok.

Chevy, man, you sound too cool to be a family sim there. I seem to agree and like everything you say. Nice laughing at the unexpected aspiration dialog from a child's point of view. They do like to throw a lot of changes all at once, those evil old creators. Turn-ons selection should definitely come later (as I made it).

Hope to see the little vampyre or mannequin child up close later.

Jänis Policy said...

Shauntasia.... *sniff*