Monday, June 20, 2005

The Robbins, Chapter 1

I am Timo! I am the male of my species that has been sent forth by the King of Anatoth to the blue planet Earth to spread my seed and start a colony of Anatothian peoples. The other being standing beside me is my sister, Kamika. Our world Anatoth is slowly disintegrating to a vast nothingness, and the king wishes that we should all not perish. Kamika and I were chosen to carry on our population because of our beauty and our knowledge of survival.

We have had to get used to many things on Earth. Firstly let me say we studied for many years on Anatoth to learn the ways of the Earth peoples before coming here . We think we can fit in niceley without being noticed too much. No one must know we are from Anatoth! We eat mostly something called Ramen noodles, it reminds us of our nourishment on Anathoth. And we have had to get used to the weight of our bodies, and the wearing of clothes.

One thing we cannot do is alter our appearance. Our ears are different then Earth peoples. In my species, our ears act as extra senses during mating; when our seed is spilled, our ears are the vehicle to transport the seed to its home in the incubator's body. Earth people will not notice this subtle act. Our ears act as the portal in which a new Anatothian child is born as well. We have had to generate a curtain, a vision if you will, that will eminate from Kamika's belly to portray the birth of an Earth child when she gives birth to the first Anatothian child, so the Earth people will think nothing different.

On Anatoth, we were groomed from birth for our mission on Earth. Kamika and I were very restricted to our studies and could not interact with our species, less we accidentally incubate one of our kind. Yes, on Anatoth, both sexes carry seed, and both sexes can give birth. We had to learn the ways of population on Earth. Therefore, I will initiate incubation, and Kamika will birth here. Her ability to spill seed was removed from her ears just before leaving Anatoth, and my ability to birth was removed as well, so as to make us more like the Earth peoples. We must wear our instruments at least thrice weekly to continue the healing in our heads; soon we shall be ripened enough to begin population.

My sister Kamika has taken this freedom she has found in a bad spirit. She has always been a wild one, and balked at her life's training for her mission with me here on Earth. She is full of resentment. Eveyday I have to prod her to go to her Earth job as a Superstar in the Earth career of Athletics. She has found she extemely enjoys the company of Earth men. Since she no longer spills seed, she has found the company of males extremely satisfactory and tends to spend her time in the Earth act of mating with different ones. I see it as her rebellion to the whole mission. I have not informed the King of her actions, as it might spoil our race.

I have chosen to continue my studies on Earth. Daily I study the stars in a telescope I brought with me from Anatoth, and I study the medical journals of the Earth peoples. I find human anatomy fascinating. I am working as a general practioner of medicene and treat humans daily. I have met many Earth females and am only waiting until the healing in my ears is through before I chose a mate and begin procreation. I am focused to our mission; however sometimes I feel burdened in keeping Kamika focused as well.

Kamika feels as long as she can continue her work in athletics there is no harm in laying with different Earth men. There is one named Abhijeet. He is very much like her, he lays with different Earth women. I have made it known to Kamika his seed would not make good stock to continue our race, we do not want his genetic tendencies to be in our DNA. 

There is another Earth man she is interested in named Giovanni Capehart. He is half snow leopard. While Giovanni wants to populate lots of earth children, again, I told Kamika his race is not suitable for us because of toxins in his blood. During my studies of medicene, I have learned the snow leopard peoples were polluted with toxins in their home environment, thus the move to Prosperity Falls. We cannot chance our new Anatothian race to be sickened with disease!

I do approve of one named Pao. He brings us our earth mail. Kamika has not lain with him, but she has spent numerous hours talking and laughing with him. I am hoping I can pursuade Kamika to chose him as her lifetime Earth mate. He is a learned man and does not seem to be self centered like Abhijeet, or sickened like Giovanni. She is also interested in another, the gentleman who has come to repair our plumbing. He is called Waylon. I have not met him personally, but I have heard Kamika speak of him. But at any rate, in the end I will not be able to choose her mate. It is entirely her decision.

As I mentioned before, I have met many Earth females, and have only to choose one for my mate. I have met Panchionetta Bostic, Ivy Copur, Meadow Thayer and Shauntasia Strickland, to name some of my acquaintances. I believe I know which one I would like to mate with, I speak with her everyday on the telephone. She seems of good DNA stock, and wishes to have many children. But, my ears are not through healing. When they are qualified to be operational, I will mate. I have done the mathematics, and I believe they will be healed right about the time I reach the top of my Earth career. By then, perhaps I will have convinced the Earth female to bear my Anatothian child.

Later, I hope to report the birth of our race. Until next time.


Simaholic said...

Oh they are so interesting! You've got three great families here and I can't wait to see what becomes of them.

skylark said...

I love it! Your stories are so imaginative and funny too. Keep it up :).

Christina in GA said...

This is wonderful! It's very imaginative. He sounds so superior, doesn't he?

Jessica said...

I am so impressed. I have to admit that when I saw his looks and the snow-leapard guy's looks, I thought, oh, man, this is going to get really lame, really fast. Instead, your story is so creative and fascinating and believable (if I can say that?),t hat it did pull me in. Rock on, gf! You got it goin' on. I hope that I can be as good a writer as you are when I'm writing the stories for my Prosperity Neighborhood. Keep it up, ok? I'm so enjoying it. :P Thanks!

Alexis said...

This is great stuff! I am very interested to see where this family leads, in particular. Very creative!

SpongebobTanu said...

HAHAHA! so this is where it all started! absolutely hilarious Wen, as always!

Minty said...

Okay NOW the mission makes sense! I love this beginning, its absolute gold. I just wish I'd thought of it!!

Twoflower said...

Timo and Kamika have such an interesting back story. I'm hoping Kamika will make better choices to help save her people, and I can't wait to see the mate Timo chooses.

Anonymous said...

I think it is neat that they are from a different planet. It will make for an interesting story, I am sure. [=

Jänis Policy said...

I'm pleased to see you wrote these elves different and with a feeling of superiority. They seem too brutal though.

I'm eager to see if he'll really mate with Meadow Thayer. Hahaha, poor Abhijeet with the broken nose.