Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Kids Start University

If you have been keeping up with the trials and tribulations of the residents of Prosperity Falls, you are keen on the fact many of the teens had thoughts of attending Sim State. Some, like Chevy Strickland, didn't think he would go. He thought he wanted to stay home and help his step grandma and take care of his new infant uncle, Marc-Henry. But isn't the truth, things have a way of changing.

All but two of the eligible teens in Prosperity Falls took flight to the freedom of the Sim State campus, and two of Prosperity Falls townie teens went as well. No more listening to mom and dad, no more helping to care for younger siblings. College has opened up a whole new world of trial and tribulations. The kids split up into three residences. Firstly, we will look at Group 1. Chevy and Shauntasia Strickland, along with Jayrus Capehart and the love of his life Tosha Go rented a lovely house together to begin their new adventure.

The kids, at the end of their sophomore year are all carrying an A+. It hasn't been easy. Even though the kids had alot of growing up time in the Falls before beginning at State, their skills were slim because of the hard life they had endured before taking off to college. But they are making it.

The romance that was nothing but a bud between Chevy and Kirstee back in Prosperity Falls bloomed into a large fragrant rose at State. Kirstee took a dorm room with her sister Morgan-Rose (group 3) and comes to see Chevy every chance she gets between studies. Needless to say without the restraints of the parental eye, they have partaken of all those adult intimacies that adults do. Both Chevy and Kirstee want graduation to hurry and come as they both are anxious to start a family. Kirstee is studying Literature, and Chevy being a long and hard thinker, was given the major of Philosophy.
Jayrus and Tosha took the largest room in the rental, and set up a brand new double bed. They snuggle together every night after a day of running and studying. Jayrus is studying Biology, and Tosha is studying Literature like Kirstee. Giovanni is so proud that Jayrus is studying bio. He might be able to fix the problem with the homeland the Snow Leopard people came from. How did the toxins invade their land? What is it, and how does it kill the snow leopards? Chevy's sister Shauntasia hasn't fared so well.

Shauntasia had the most skill in mechanics of everyone in the house, but it wasn't enough. She was shocked to death while repairing the stereo. She desperately needed it to be making music as she was going to have a party that afternoon. Being that she was a popularity sim, parties were a big part of her life. Chevy is now the only original Strickland left in Prosperity Falls. He knows now more than ever he must carry on the name.
Moving on to group 2. Here we have Ramey and Panchionetta Bostic, and Ramey's friend Meadow Thayer. The girls rented a smaller house, and crowded three twin beds, a computer desk and a chess table w/two chairs the the one room upstairs. But downstairs, there is plenty of room for parties! The girls are adept and throwing the most successful parties at Sim State. Ramey and Pachionetta being knowledge Sims prefer to study first and foremost, but after the books are put away it is time to have fun! The girls break out the food and music and burn up the telephone lines inviting friends over.
Meadow does her studying, but has her mind on other things.
The term paper she must write every semester is not foremost in her mind like it should be. The first semester, Meadow had it hard. She had no skills whatsoever, and couldn't keep in a good mood to do her studies. The Bostic girls eventually ended up doing virtually all of Meadow's school work so she could work out of her dark funk. One day, someone came over and all Meadow's troubles were over.
Meadow and Timo Robbins had had many conversations together back in Prosperity Falls. Meadow found him to be a fascinating and unusual man. When Ramey and Pachionetta had one of their first parties, Meadow invited Timo to come. It was as if she were drawn to him by his scent, by his aura. She feels down deep inside there is something with Timo she has no control over.

Moving on to group 3, Kirstee and Morgan-Rose Bostic. Kirstee's big news is she and Chevy got engaged to be married as soon as graduation was over. The two lovers couldn't wait to declare their love for each other, and bound themselves to each other right away.
Morgan-Rose had quite an experience late in her sophomore year. Now, Morgan-Rose is a romance sim. She wants to know all the guys, and spends large amounts of time getting to know them. That is why one night she couldn't understand why this particular even took place. Why, she was so nice to everybody! Why would a stranger drag her out of bed an slap handcuffs on her?

She was spoken too loudly and roughly. Her instructions were to leave the dorm in an orderly fashion. Not to make a fuss; and to quietly get in the long black stretch limo waiting outside. She did as she was told; and rode for what seemed like hours in the middle of the night. She began to shiver in her thin nightgown. She began to wonder on who's bad side she had gotten on?

When she arrived at her destination, she quickly slid out of the limo. Yes, it was a nice ride, but now she was more curious as to where she was. She recognized many of the kids she had talked to on campus and had fun with. They gathered around her in a friendly fashion and welcomed her to the Secret Society. They gave her a black jacket like she saw so many of the students wearing around campus, then she realized what it was all about. It was a secret club! And they were letting her in. Morgan-Rose felt special! The kids she had seen every day now seemed different, in a way. She immediately started thinking she needed to get her sisters into this club, and began devising a way to do it.

Now, the Young Adults of Prosperity Falls are at the end of their sophomore year, and stand on the brink of starting their Junior year. Here we will break from the campus life, and see what is going on back in the Falls. Is Marquez Bostic still worrying himself silly about his girls? How is Brandy Strickland doing raising little Marc-Henry all be herself? And the Robbins? Is their ears healed yet, and has Kamika gotten her libito under control? Has Timo convinced his earth woman marry him yet and bear the first Anotothian child in Prosperity Falls? And the Capeharts...has poor Giovanni gotten his kittens?

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Alexis said...

Very interesting! So Meadow has a thing for Timo, hmmm? But who does Timo wish to be with? Can't wait to find out!

SpongebobTanu said...

She died! thats so sad.

Twoflower said...

I'm so sorry that Shauntasia died.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that Shauntastia died. =(
I wonder if Meadow is the woman that Timo want to marry?

Jänis Policy said...

It is not sad to see the girl die. It is nothing short of an Injustice. Did she go to that freaking university with the goal to die? Did she try to get a huge reward, such as *ten* bottles of elixir in a dangerous manner? No! I curse the random number generator that killed her for no good reason. Curse you!

Nobody in my hood was ever killed by a random number!

Daniel Pleasant - dragged himself into grave by not looking after himself and being too concerned with women (technically: bad secondary aspiration), register clerk shot dead by a dart thrown by a practicing Downtownie, who consider herself a much higher class, a few random townies and NPCs who were extremenly ugly. No random numbers!

All people here have different clothes and hair, and I don't recognize them. At first I thought that the orange girl was Shauntasia, because she had that cool long hair. My reading was spoiled when I looked at the comments in an attempt to get a grip on where I was.

Young Adults need more similarities to their previous form. I can only recognize Meadow Thayer with her silly face.