Monday, June 20, 2005

The Capeharts, Chapter 1

I am Giovanni Capehart, and my mother Tonoka moved us here as our habitat had become toxic through man's pollution. We found a small peice of property that reminds us somewhat of our land; it has a small mountian and lake, with plenty of trees and grasses. You see, we are of a different species; we are half snow leopard. While we have some physical characteristics of man, we have the skin and heart of a wild cat. Thus, we prefer living and sleeping under the stars.

I have three children. My teen aged son Jayrus, my toddler son Trevaus, and my toddler daughter Mercedes. My dear wife Antoya died from the toxins in our land. We knew we needed to leave before any more of my family became sick. My mother's sister, Payeria also came with us. Here we begin our story of our lives in Prosperty Falls. Please enjoy.

Even though we are living amongst humankind, the first mammal I met was not a human at all. Her name was Kamika. My keen cat sense knows a human when I smell one, and she was not human. But she was the most beautiful being I had ever met. I met with her many times, both in my home and hers. Soon, my heart was gone to her; and I began having thoughts I wanted to make kittens with her. I have three children, my desire is to have three more. Even though I had done the mating ritual with her, there was something she was holding back from me and I couldn't sense what it was. She seemed aloof and playful at the same time, perhaps it was that she really didn't want to get close to me. But I decided to wait.
I love my children; they have adapted very well to the move here. Everyday they go to school with human children, and come home and do their lessons given to them by their teachers. My son Jayrus even held down a job in the medical field. I wished that he did not need to make any income for the family, but funds were tight after purchasing our land. He would come home from school, do his lessons, leave for work, then come home to sleep. The next day he would do it all over again. I am so proud of my son! However, he did find time to bring home a friend from work one day. I was glad he seemed to be meeting other mammals.

Jayrus brought home a human girl by the name of Tosha Go. Jayrus and Tosha are, what you Going steady? I am glad he has found a soulmate. My only regret is that she is not Snow Leopard. But then, we are the only Snow Leopard family in this region; we will not find any more of our own to marry and make families.

That brings my thoughts to Kamika, and the possible life we could have together. My feline senses are told me I must find another mate. Kamika would never be forthcoming about her reasons for avoiding the subject of talking about spending our lives together. When we were together, I avoided giving her kittens less I make a terrible mistake! I might not ever see her again, or my kittens since she would not marry me. Because of that, I decided to strike out and find another mate.

I went to a place called Four Winds Shopping. There always seemed to be many humans there. I wasn't long when I smelled the earth on this woman when she passed by me. Immediately I was drawn to her. She smelled of soil, and grasses, and flowers. I felt an inner yearning for my homelands. I boldy introduced myself to this amazing creature. She smiled slightly, and introduced herself as Calista, the gardener. I knew it! She worked with and loved the soil. Of it's own accord, my mind began to immediately fill with images of Calista great with my kittens. Privately, I started to improvise a plan to make Calista my wife at that exact moment. I had no doubt she was The One.

Calista was heavy on my mind the next afternoon when Kamika came by for one of her mating visits. For the first time, I did not feel the burning desire to feel her skin or inhale the intoxicating female aroma that floated around her. We made small talk for a while. Kamika seemed confused that we did not bed right away like usual. She gently tugged my wrist toward our mating place, and I whispered no...I had found another. One I could have a life with.

A sudden blazing angry passion flared up in her beautiful golden eyes, she jerked her hand away from mine, leaving a bloody trail. She slapped me with a painful force I had never felt before. And she was gone, just like that. I was left wondering how I was ever attracted to her surrealistic beauty. I wondered how many others had fallen into her trap. Then, the black cloud lifted that been smothering my heart, and I knew I was finally free to openly pursue Calista.

The time came For Trevaus and Mercedes to grow up. My children were getting older, and soon I knew they would be leaving the land I had bought. Mercedes confided to me she had plans to meet many people and learn as much as she could about this place of Prosperity Falls. I was so glad. But my other son Trevaus, I was concerened about. He had heard Kamika speak of all the humans she had been with, and he thought that might be the life for him, meeting as many females has he could. I began to think I had not done a good job raising my children. My heart was getting heavy. Then, Jayrus changed all that the next day.

My son Jayrus had been extremely studious and hard working since we moved to Prosperity Falls. I knew he held a private desire to go to Sim State, but had the fortitude not to discuss it since our funds were so tight. I came home from my job as a Flight Officer with the human military, and Jayrus approached me with an acceptance letter he had received that day for State. The grander thing was, he had earned a full scholarship because of his academic prowess! I thought I was going to burst with pride. I found Calista, and now my son was going to college. Things appeared to be on an upswing for me and my family. That night, he packed his bags and was gone.

Now it is just Trevaus and Mercedes here, and I have my mother and my aunt. My elders will leave this earth soon, and I have prepared a resting place for thier bodies up on the mountian on our property. That is where I want to rest, with my Calsita by my side.

Mercedes has been studying hard so that she might get a scholarship to State like her older brother Jayrus. Trevaus runs to the street and meet every female that comes walking by our place, adult, or teen. I am concerned right now, but I am sure he will come around. The next time I speak with you, I hope to be able to say I finally have my new kittens. Until Next time.


aquatami said...

I love the way you wrote this. Your tone really comes across and he 'sounds' like a snow leopard. Can't wait to see what his kittens look like.

Christina in GA said...

I wonder how Calista will feel when he mentions having kittens instead of kids :) Another good one.

Alexis said...

That's great! You write so well from the view of these amazing creatures you have created. I, too, hope he is able to have many kittens and that he and Calista live happily ever after...

SpongebobTanu said...

Hehehe, kittens!

Minty said...

This line is the best of the entire post: Of it's own accord, my mind began to immediately fill with images of Calista great with my kittens.

Hee hee, great with kittens.

Twoflower said...

Great story! I'm so glad Giovanni will choose Calista over Kamika.

olivethegreat said...

I am so glad that Giovanni found someone else. Calista will be a much better mate for him. I love how he thinks of the children he will and does have as kittens rather than kids. I like this family. [=

Jänis Policy said...

Frankly, such an extreme skin does not fit well in the sims universe, when the people's behavior does not differ to a comparable extent. In the end, they all still marry and dance to the report card. Your writing style is fitting to a person of an "extraordinary" ethnicity who is isolated from society, but who has only subtle external differences, such as an oversized nose.

I like to see a cabin-style home, and at one pointed wanted to play one. But in the end failed to create a sim, distorted enough to live in it, and to restrict behaviors for such people (such as visitor selection).

The vampyre and alien traits in the Sims are too extreme for the same reason.

Haha, apprently you have the same Pleasantview or default townies, such as Tosha Go. I don't feel as disoriented now. Good to see they have the same names. ~ j7n