Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Bostics, Chapter 1

I am Marquez Bostic, and I have four lovely daughters I have moved to Prosperity Falls. Their names are Ramey, Panchionetta, Morgan-Rose and Kirstee. Morgan-Rose is the lovely blonde in my arms in our family photo you are viewing now, Pancionetta is my other baby sitting in front of me. Kirstee is the studious one wearing glasses, and Ramey is the last.

I moved my family to leave behind heartbreak in our former town. My wife, Leah, left us to pursue her dream of becoming famous in Hollywood. She did not think of her beautiful girls, or of me. I did not hear from her for a very long time, and before I knew it, I received my walking papers from a nice deputys sheriff at my doorstep one day. Leah had filed for divorce. I didn't question it. It was apparent to me she did not want anything to do with us anymore. I signed the papers and sent them on, and began picking up the pieces with my girls.

It is incredible how resilient kids are. The girls seemed to adapt very well to our new life in Prosperity Falls. Each day they come home and play quietly together to work up their moods, then they do their homework. I am so proud of them, they bring home straight A's on their report cards. They have not wanted to talk about their mother. Our home is a humble one, I haven't been able to give them much. I sleep on the patio, and the girls have the two bedrooms. I have been able to purchase 5 painting easles which the girls love. In fact, they have helped me to generate some household funds with their marvelous pictures.

It seems growing up hasn't been a problem for my family. Kirstee has decided she wants to have a family of her own. I felt so proud when she announced it. Then I knew that the life she had grew up in, that being from a split home, had not been a factor in her decision. I am confident she will make a fine mother, and make me a grandpa real soon. Ramey has asked to go to University, she wants to study the world. I think I will be able to scrape the funds together, it will not be easy. I have another daughter who wants to go, Pachionetta. I will send the girls together. Morgan-Rose does not want to go. I am concerned about her. She seems to want to spend most of her time talking to boys in the community and steal kisses. She is drawn to one in particular, a Mr. Centowski. I address the boy as "Mr." with much trepidation; it is only respect for Morgan-Rose that I do so.

Every day I pray my girls will be able to have a good life here in Prosperity Falls. Have I done the right thing by moving here? Will I ever hear from Leah again? If I do, will I allow her into my home? What would the girls do and think? How will Panchionetta and Ramey do at University? Will Kirstee pick a nice young man to marry, and will Morgan-Rose be able to control her hormones? So many questions. Being a single father has it?s trials. But having a group of fine young girls makes the experience so much easier. Until next time.


Simaholic said...

Oh what a great start with them! I love that dress of Kirstee's it is so adorable and fits her hair and glasses perfectly. I look forward to hearing more about them.

Alexis said...

Wow, that Kirstee is very pretty! Marquez seems like such a wonderful father too. Onto the next family!

Twoflower said...

If more fathers were as good as Marquez the world would be a better place.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a family with two toddlers and two children with a single parent must have been hard. All of the girls are gorgeous. I like the back story that you included about the mom. [=

Jänis Policy said...

I just arrived in this town and am completely disoriented. I guess I'm nowhere as resilient as the author's standard requires. The only landmark I can orient against is the Very Vulcan Legacy, which I have read.

I hope this is the right Prosperity Falls.

I'm quite sure children aren't so resilient on an absolute scale. Rather they don't need the shielding and manipulation that adults imagine they do. The observation that they can accept new environment more readily might be connected with their natural ability to learn.

ASimWen said...

Yes, you have reached the right place. This is my Prosperity Falls. ~ ASimWen