Monday, December 26, 2005

The Expectant Mother (s)

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Title: The Expectant Mother (s)

Lot: The Gentleman's Club, Prosperity Falls

Last Visit:
Spooky Happenings

Alfred Hitchcock narrating: Here we are back at the residence named The Gentleman's Club. If you will recall, there was a suspicious occasion within the walls of this building. Two women, two deaths. (See
Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash and Spooky Happenings). The two women were roomates. And with them lived the gentleman, Lucas Turner. Three's company, if you will. These three individuals were a bawdy bunch. Parading lover after lover in and out of the old victorian mansion, it's old walls groaning with anticipation when a new face would arrive to partake of the pleasures there in. I say, all good things must come to an end.

There is a fresh face at the Club, although not new. That is the face of the prodigal daughter, Roxanna coming home from college. With her she brings her lover, Tomas Capehart.

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Now, Miss Bostic is the daughter of the dead woman Morgan-Rose and the still living Lucas Turner. She was raised in a most un-holsum of atmospheres, but lo and behold did well for herself in the higher echelons of learning. She found herself one Mr. Tomas Capehart. Then what occured, dear viewers, is what I like to refer to as the turning point for The Gentleman's Club. Mr. Capehart has endeavored to do what is right, and asked Miss Bostic for her hand in marriage. He did it in the most of romantic ways. Out on the balcony, overlooking Prosperity Falls. A garden wedding soon transpired, with all of the college mates attending that Miss Bostic and Mr. Capehart knew. And a couple of party crashers.

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The two soon settled down in domestic bliss, and Roxanna's belly became huge with child. She was so proud of this fact, she paraded the belly around for all to see. Motherhood seemed to become Miss Bostic. But dear you will soon witness, Miss Bostic is not the only one who will share in the wonderous giving of life. Oh but Mr. Capehart placed the life in Miss Bostic's womb, you say. That is how he participated in this life giving event. Yes, a man's seed is potent. But I wonder, could it be there is more to this giving of life than meets the eye?

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Soon, little Markey was born. Looked alot like the father, Tomas Capehart. Everything was done the usual way. Parental adoration was apparent. But as there is only so much room on this earth. When one new life begins, a life must end. Miss Bostic kissed her father Lucas Turner goodbye, after he had ample time to spend with the new youngster. Mr. Grim made yet another visit to The Gentleman's Club. I say, he is becoming a regular visitor.

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Was this a coincidence? I think not. Everything was timed so perfectly Mr. Turner was able to spend time with his grandson before his passing. And dear viewers, you will find as I unfold more facts to you that nothing about this house is coincidental. Miss Bostic's grief was unquenchable with the passing of her father. When her mother Morgan-Rose Bostic passed away, Roxanna Bostic did not even bat an eye, did not even come home from college for the burial. But her father's passing nearly put her over the edge.

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Now let us fast forward a few days. We find the still grieving Roxanna Bostic in the front yard with the newspaper girl Amy Jones. She seems to be extremely disraught over the appearance of all things, a UFO. Amy Jones finds the appearance of a flying saucer quite fun and shouts out support for it's appearance in Prosperity Falls.

Now viewers, let us take pause. It has come to my attention, this very same flying saucer had made a prior visit to the Falls. Yes indeed, and it's appearance left behind a gift named Joy Capehart. (See Two New Daughters) This child was born to Tryce Capehart, but no, not through his wife's womb as one might think. She was borne of his own body after he mysteriously disappeared for a few hours when the UFO first made it's brief visit to his home. A few hours later, the saucer returned and spat out Mr. Capehart onto the ground with great disdain.

Now, it appears the UFO has visited Tryce Capehart's brother Tomas, Roxanna's new husband. Viewers here is where I will ask the question again; is there more to the giving of life than meets the eye? Or perhaps it is more of a statement; there is more to the giving of life, than meets the eye.

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This day in the nursery at The Gentleman's Club, Mr. Tomas Capehart has undergone a transformation from a doting father to an expectant mother. Did the aliens have something to do with this? What is it about Prosperity Falls that attracts the other world beings?

Here I will leave these thoughts with you, and bid you goodnight.

Odd Pic Out:

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Markey inherits simoleons upon his grandpa Lucas' death.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Gathering of Anotothians

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Roxanna Bostic and Tomas Capehart - Became members of the Secret Society, the Greek House Crumplebottom, and achieved Big Sim on Campus. Tomas graduated Summa Cum Laude in Drama, and Roxanna greaduted Summa Cum Laude in Art

Title: The Gathering Of Anotothians

Lot: Home of Roxanna Bostic and Tomas Capehart, Sim State University

Last Visit:
An Anotothian University

Tomas narrating: Roxanna and I finally graduated from State. It was about time, in my opinion. We spent our last few days keepin' up with friends and just basically tryin' keep the grades up so we could get outta there. See, me and Roxanna love each other, and we decided that we would move back to the Falls and live in her mom and dad's large victorian. Well, that house has a reputation, folks call it "The Gentleman's Club". I guess there is some stigma and stories attached to it...I don't wanna get into it, really. But now me and Roxy are gonna make it a nice family place. Her dad Lucas is still alive and right now he is there by himself.

Roxy already has a big garden wedding planned. I haven't even asked her to marry me yet, but I reckon it is a given. There ain't been nobody else for us since we met here 4 years ago. The fact that I have a strong snow leopard blood line don't bother Roxy. She finds it kind of exciting. She hopes our kids turn out lookin' like me. Yeah, we have already decided to pop out a couple. Pretty standard stuff, I know. What else is life? Anyway?

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The day came when we moved out of our rental and moved back to the Falls. Some guy had already come to take over the house, and was already movin' his stuff in as we as movin' ours out. Like the bed wasn't even cool yet from when we had gotten out of it that morning. Ah well. I guess I will miss this old place. I lived here for 4 years with our lives will really begin.

There is one last thing I wanna say though. I just wanna make one thing clear. My brother Tryce, man, I heard what happened to him and everything. About the new kitten named Joy. (See Two New Daughters) Like, well, it's like this. She is real different. Not only how she came into this world and everything. Tryce emailed me a picture of her, he is the proud poppa, and I guess the proud momma too. Michelle is bein' real hard about Joy and everything. Tryce is the doting father, man, it's like I said, don't you remember your daughter Joslyn? He is proud of her too, but he has a special connection with Joy. I just gotta meet this kid.

Lot: Sim State University, home of freshmen sisters Madelyn and Mackenzie Capehart, and cousins Barry-James and Bulldog Strickland.

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Hey, Barry-James Strickland here. Yep, the Mayor's son. Yep, the guy who has been the media lately... (see Marc-Henry Has A Birthday.) Man I am sure glad to be here and away from all that crap that is happening back at the house. I am just sorry Jodi-Ann has to still be around it. Well anyway, it turned out that me and my cousin Bulldog rode over here in the same taxi with the Capehart twins, Madelyn and Mackenzie. Me and Bulldog have the same kinda preferences when it comes to our women. See, I am deeply in love with Mackenzie, and Bulldog and Madelyn are, like, already engaged and stuff. Bulldog didn't wait a single minute after we moved into the house.

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I guess he had been savin' for a ring for a long time. Madelyn was ectstatic to get it. Now those two are inseperable. I haven't popped the question yet to Mackenzie for a coupla reasons. Number one, is if she marries me, she will become part of the limelight with my family. And number two, well, I gotta convince her that life with me wouldn't be so bad. Well, my mom not only is mayor of Prosperity Falls, but she is also some sort of alien. I told her, "Mom, it doesn't matter that you are from Mexico or something. I love you anyway." Well, mom seems to think that makes some sorta difference. She has tried to tell me lots of times I guess more about that, but then we always get on to talking about something else. (Barry-James's mother Kerris Strickland is Zaed Robbins's cousin, she is half Anotothian. Read about her misgivings here: Marc-Henry Gets Married.) There is some CNN reporter that keeps feeding lies about us to the public and I am just not sure Mack could deal with that. (Berry Nosey).

Anyway, we got busy with our classes and stuff. We settled in and everything and all is going well with us.

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It is all so easy. Here is a pic of us just getting back from finals in our freshman year. I feel like all four of us have some kind of connection. Me and Bulldog bein' cousins, and Mady and Mack bein' twins. Hey see that house next to ours in the picture? That is the Greek House Crumplebottom. Yeah, we all got admitted to that too.

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Here is what happened. From the very first night we got to our house, one of us would become members of the Secret Society. Yeah! Right from the first night. It happened every night until all of us got into that club, right from night one. Well, as soon as we would get back from our trip to the Landgrabbe Society building where we had our initiation into the SS, we would get on the phone and call the Greek House Crumplebottom and they would come over and initiate us too. Quavi and Yasika Robbins, my cousin (and Bulldog's sister) Daphne Strickland and Andre Bostic would come over and give us admittance to the Greek house. It has been a blast so far here at Sim State. So far, I haven't seen any reporters or pavoratzi here. *keeping fingers crossed*.

Lot: The Greek House Crumplebottom, Sim State University - Home of Quavi and Yasika Robbins, Andre Bostic, and Daphne Strickland

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It is I! Quavi! I am still living here at the Greek House Crumplebottom at Sim State University where I am carrying out my mission for the Anotothian race. To multiply our DNA on Earth to keep our race alive. I live here with my sister Yasika, who is in the same mission I am, but doesn't seem to have the same passion for it that our brother Zaed and I do. So I must not only do my duty to the Anotothian peoples, but I monitor Yasika's roll in that as well.

On thing that has been heavy on my mind, is her relationship with her earth man, Andre Bostic. I spend volumes of time watching him. So far, he has not put the ring of marriage commitment on Yasika's finger. It seems that all they are interested in doing is the mating ritual. Yasika is well aware that she cannot become with an Anotothian child until she and Andre have married, but she does not seem interested in helping the process along. Zaed is pressuring me to make sure Yasika is engaged to Mr. Bostic before we all graduate from this institution of learning. It will be a severe setback if Yasika has to find another mate this far into her part of the mission. I am already engaged to Daphne Strickland, my sister-in-law's sister. I am set to multiply.

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I am almost filled with disgust watching those two carry on without the engagement ring. I can only find hope in the fact that Yasika will be well practiced in the art of mating, making it easier for her to have many children. However, in the meantime I have had other duties that do not directly impact my mission. The main one I speak of is to gather members for the Greek House Crumplebottom.

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I have recently inducted four new members. Twin sisters Madelyn and Mackenzie Capehart, Andre's cousin Bulldog Strickland, and my cousin Barry-James Strickland. Yes, he is the son of Kerris Strickland, and my cousin. He carries the eyes and skin of an Anotothian, but I do not see him doing any of the things that ensures the continuation of our race. Yes, he is intersted in the female Mackenzie Capehart, but is not engaged to her. Do I dare approach him and discuss this wonderful matter of the mission? I will have to confer with Zaed and see what he knows of Barry-James's knowledge of The Mission. So far, I have not heard that he is involved with it.

Berry Nosey reporting! Do my eyes dare deceive me? Or is it too good to be true? It seems the mayor's son, Barry-James Strickland has flown the coop of the mayoral mansion and is now residing at Sim State University attending classes! This reporter has witnessed a gathering of all the mayor's relatives in a strange ritual dance on the back porch of the building where Barry-James lives, with Quavi Robbins heading up the meeting wearing a flowing white robe. He had with him other residents of the Greek House Crumplebottom, and they were all dancing around and chanting some crazy and strange tune. Is this some sort of cult? The beginnings of another ¹Jonestown? Ah, the mystery deepens! This is Berry Nosey, signing off!

¹ An explanation of Jonestown for those of you too young to remember, or not born yet when it happened...this article is very stark and perhaps a little tense for TS2. Apologetics Index

Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Capeharts, Week 10/Two New Daughters

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Title: Two New Daughters

Lot: The Capeharts, Original Lot - Calista, Tryce, Michelle, Jessie, Joslyn and Joy

Last Visit:
Calista Falls In Love

Tryce Narrating: Yeah, hey we have been pretty busy around here, that's for sure. Well, mom passed away, but she went out with a bang. I knew her time was comin' near. But anyway, it seemed like she was seein' Pretty Boy Chandler near 'bout every day. More power to her. She went happy.

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But still, it was sad for us left behind, Jessie especially took it hard. Yeah, he grew up pretty quick, mom and him always spent alot of time together after school. We got news of the death of my older brother Jayrus too. (see Little Mamma Tosca). Man it seems like my whole family is droppin' like flies. First Trevaus (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools), then Dad (See The Dating Scene), then Jayrus and now mom. None of the original settlers are on this land anymore....that came here when my grandma Tonaka brought dad and them from the homeland to escape the toxins in the water that was killing the Snow Leopards. Ah well. As long as there is a direct descendant of Snow Leopards here, it is ok. I feel kinda bad because I don't think anybody in the family is doin' the research on that. On the toxins, I mean. I reckon we are all comfortable where we are. I buried mom on the mountain beside dad. That is what they had planned out. I reckon I will be layin' there too someday beside Michelle. But hey, let's get onto more pleasant subject, OK? Ok. Talkin' all that death stuff drags a snow leopard down.

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Hey I got me a new poker table. Mom's boyfriend Parker brought it over. I guess the man don't read the obituries. He kept bringin' her flowers and presents two days after she was already buried! I haven't had a chance to use the table yet, I have been real busy. Michelle has too. Well, for one thing, playin' poker will be easier on me than lookin' at the stars at night. Yeah, swillin' beer, smokin cigarettes and playin' cards with the boys will be safer for me than lookin' at Venus. I'll tell ya why in a minute. Let's put it this way, I can't wait to give the table a workout.

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One of the reasons Michelle and I have been so busy is right about the time mom passed on, Michelle found out she was pregnant again! Yeah, we ended up having a little girl named Joslyn. Let's see, she is the first girl born in three births here. Anyway, the circumstances surrounding her birth, and the poker table, and me lookin' in the telescope...all if it comes to play together. This is gonna be hard to explain with me soundin' real crazy.

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One evenin' I was peekin' through the telescope, I found it to be real relaxin' after workin' all day. Michelle and Jessie was sleepin'. Michelle's time was gettin' close, I know, but I was close by in case she needed me. Well, the weirdest thing happened, I blacked out, on the lawn. I don't think that woulda happened if I was usin' the poker table. I don't know what happened, but the next thing I know I was layin' in the road pretty far from the scope, and Michelle was out there havin' Joslyn. I guess she had come out to help me. She was tellin' me about spaceships and aliens whilst she was in labor, but I just considered that to be labor babble. I didn't feel none too normal myself. Jessie was standin' there starin' at me as if I had grown a second head.

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Well there was nothin' more I wanted than to put the blackout on the back burner. I had a new daughter to provide for and I just didn't have time to mess around with stuff like telescopes anymore. I spent alot of time writin' another novel. I did finish one, my first one since I left University. I spit out a couple of 'em there. This one I wrote all about my blackout. Anyway, I got awful sick. I thought it was impossible...had to go see my cousin by marriage Mad Scientist Lillith Strickland-Capehart to get the answer...yep..somehow I had a kitten growing inside of me.

Well, that was somethin' for the medical journals. The only thing Lillith could deduce was something happened to me during my blackout. 'Course, her bein' a mad scientist didn't help matters none, nobody would believe her or me. Michelle told Lillith the same story she told me while she was in labor with Joslyn, that I had been sucked up by space aliens into their ship and taken away for hours. Hmm. I don't believe none of it really, but how do you explain it? Joy, I mean? Lillith was real glad to get the story from Michelle and as far as I know she is studyin' it. Oh well, I don't care. I just know something happened that night.

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Imagine trying to explain this to your kid. "Yes, daddy is gonna have a kitten! Isn't that nice?" I think Jessie was scared of the whole thing, but he took the news like a trooper. The bigger I got, the more excited he got. I dont' think he talked about it much at school. Like he was embarrassed or somethin'. Well, I don't think I would go around broadcastin' it either if I was a kid. "Hey, my dad is pregnant! I am gonna have a little brother or sister, and my dad is the mom!" Yeah, right.

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Well, in the meantime,life went on as usual. Joslyn grew up to a toddler, and is gorgeous. She has my stark blue eyes and my black hair, and she has Michelle's skintone. But gawd, Joy looks nothin' like me...except the color of her eyes. That is the only way you can tell Joslyn and Joy are sisters. I feel sorry for the child, havin' that green skin and all. She looks sick all the time, you know, green around the gills.

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I don't remember much about what happened when she was actually born. Michelle kept her distance. Leo the gardner had come to service the lawn, and he ain't talkin'. He was close by while it was all happenin' I guess he was traumatized, because he left right after Joy made her appearance mutterin' something unintelligble. Michelle looked real grim, and so far hasn't taken much of an interest in Joy. I hope she will come around. Joy is my child just like Jessie and Joslyn are.

Well I reckon that is all. I know it was alot, I had alot to say. But one thing is for more telescope gazin' for me. Poker, man! That is where it's at! (Just in case).


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Michelle finds Tryce's abduction to be a good thing, and Jessie receives a bad memory.

Accomplishments this round: Michelle - Impossible Want, maxed all skills. Calista - Platinum Headstone, Top Influence at Death.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Robbins, Week 10/The Education of Zaed's Sons

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Title: The Education of Zaed's Sons

Last Visit: Advancements

Lot - The Robbins, Original Lot - Meadow, Zaed, Synclare, Jati, and Xuan

It is I! Zaed! My son Jati is pleasing me to no end! I have been pre-occupied with trying to summon my people on Anatoth by gazing through the telescope, hoping they would come and get me so I might study my home planet for a period of time. But to no avail. In the meanwhile, Jati has been doing some work in the field regarding the courting and marriage process humans partake of. He has been known to visit other people in this town of Prosperity Falls and ask probing questions. I can see it now! Jati will make a fine Anatothian, and will further our mission on earth, that being to spread our seed and populate the planet with Anatothian DNA!

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Jati Robbins
Aspiration - Fortune
LTW - To Be A Hall Of Famer
1 neat, 9 outgoing, 10 active, 7 playful, 7 nice
Zodiac - Sagittarius

Jati has grown to be a fine Anatothian, and I have no qualms about his part in the mission! He has a vast interest in earning Simoleons, so I know he will be a good provider for his earth woman, and will multiply rapidly. Together we have already chosen her; it will be Samarah McClelland, daughter of Tosca and Johnson McClelland. My son Xuan has embraced his studies as well. I began his academic studies when he was just a baby still; he seemed so soak up the knowledge like a sponge!

After he amassed some age, I started his physical training. I am confident my two boys will carry on the mission without a hitch! My father Timo will not have to worry! Yes, Timo continues to make himself known to us. Somehow he has learned to return to us occasionally. He is especially interested in my mother Meadow. Meadow has been seeing the man Abhijeet, and father does not seem to like it. This is all very interesting to me!

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Ah! If only I could find a way to converse with Timo! I am sure now that he has gone over to the other side of human life, he has so much more knowledge he could pass along to us! This is something I will study. Meadow had a job in the paranormal field in the past, and did supply us with a telephone that gives us access to that world in which Timo lives. That is something for me to think about! Meadow finds that seeing father again is not a pleasant experience. This I do not understand. I always had it impressed upon me by Timo himself that earth women love their men forever.

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In the meanwhile, I have gained admission to private school for Jati and Xuan. Only the best human education for them! I am fully confident that the next generation of Anatothians on earth will begin shortly. Now. The next thing in my agenda is the same one I have been unable to fulfill.

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This I am not used to! Perhaps I am failing in my duties as an Anatothian. I cannot let my sons see this. I have yet to summons my people. My father Timo would converse with the King of Anatoth with regular updates of the mission. I do the same through our communications equipment. But I do not ask for a visit from the home planet. If the King sees fit to send people here, then he will. Until next time!

Berry Nosey narrating: CNN Investigative Reporter Berry Nosey reporting! I have just learned that Criminal Mastermind Zaed Robbins continues to brew some sort of 'mission'. Not only is his cousin Mayor Kerris Strickland involved, but he has entwined his whole family as well. This includes his brother and sister Yasika and Quavi (See An Anotothian University) and now his children Jati and Xuan as well. What part could young children have in his dastardly scheme? Robbin's son Jati has the same strange yellow eyes typical of the Robbins race. However, the boy Xuan has the deepest blue eyes this reporter has ever seen! It seems he takes after his grandmother Meadow Thayer-Robbins in physical appearences. However, I have learned never to judge a book by it's cover! The roll that Xuan Robbins will take in all this remains to be seen! Signing off, this is Berry Nosey reporting!

Accomplishments this round: Synclare - Top of Career and LTW - Mayor. (Has nothing to do with the current mayoral race raging between Kerris Strickland and Doris Capehart-Strickland.) Was played out strictly for points. ;)

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Stricklands, Week 10/Chevy's TV Breaks Down

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Title: Chevy's TV Breaks Down

Lot: The Stricklands, Original House - Chevy, Kirstee, Roz, Bulldog, Maris, Gertrude, and Martin

Last Visit:
The Cast Is Complete

Hay Ya'll'ses, it is Roz speakin'. Well the worse thing in the world happened to daddy, yep, he beloved television broke down. I don't know if you can see the smoke pourin' out of the back of it in that picture. It is like the TV just done gave up when daddy named is last child...Martin. No more TV show Fraiser for daddy. Well naturally he got right on the phone and called a repair man. But it just wasn't the same. Daddy turned his attentions to other things. I'll tell ya about that in a minute. But I came home from college just like I told ya'll I would.

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One of the first things I did was invite my love over, Shane Trimble. Oh my goodness, he is just more hunka man than any man has a right to be! I introduced him to mamma and daddy, and they really liked him. Right away, daddy commenced to quizin' Shane on his life...Askin' him stuff like what kind of job did he have, what kind of car did he drive, what did HIS daddy do for a livin', ya know, the kind of questions fathers ask any boy who comes sniffin' around one of his daughters. I was quite embarrassed, me bein' a grown woman and all. I was shore glad when daddy decided to retire for the night, then me and Shane could have some time alone!

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Well it appears that I wasn't the only one that had a love over! My baby sister Gertrude done and had a birthday, grew up some. She brought home the most darlin' little boy with her from school one day, Terrance McClelland. (he is Tosca and Johnson's boy) They hit it off real fine, they did. In fact, Terrance didn't seem to get all nervous or nothin' when Trudy started talkin' about gettin' engaged! Oh speakin' of Gertrude's birthday, she wasn't the only one that had a birthday here lately! I know every time ya'll come over to visit us here, there's always birthdays. OK here goes -

Image hosted by

Maris Strickland
Aspiration - Pleasure
LTW - To Have 50 First Dates
9 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, 5 nice
Zodiac - Virgo

I truely can't believe what that girl has been talkin' about ever since her birthday! Datin' boys! Daddy seemed kinda sad when Maris said all she wanted to do was date alla Prosperity Falls. You know daddy wants to get us all married off before he goes to the HereAfter. Well, here's to hopin' she changes her mind after a while! The next birthday was Martin's. Even though daddy has seen us kids have birthdays over and over, it never ceases to amaze and surprise him.

Image hosted by

There wasn't no cake or nothin', which in itself was a big ol' surprise, we always have cake. Martin just sorta started havin' his birthday when no one was lookin', and we just dropped what we was doin' and ran over to watch! I think Martin is someone we need to keep an eye on, I think he is sneaky. But every since Martin grew up, mamma goes around sighing there ain't anymore babies in the house. She an' daddy keep havin' thoughts about adopting more kids. I can't believe it. Like it ain't enough havin' 10 of your own!

Image hosted by

Mamma advanced gracefully into elderhood, but there ain't nothin' graceful about what her and daddy STILL do. If you know what I mean, her and daddy still go at it like rabbits. I'm thinkin' she is hopin' her ovaries will kick in and a miracle will occur within her womb. Sorry mamma, but daddy's potent seed ain't enough now. Ya'll would need Divine Intervention. And mamma seems to be gettin' along ok what with two of her sisters passin' on and everything. (See Passin' Patches and Spooky Happenings). But with just as many Bostics passin' on, many new ones are born. That's the way mamma looks at it. She has a philosophic way of interpretin' things.

Image hosted by

Well, I reckon that is about alla the news for this time around. Oh, but I have one more thing to tell you. This is one thing that mamma did a pretty good job of interpretin'. That me and Shane really wanna be alone. She told me to git my butt on outta the house, and git a place of my own. I am got me a little nestegg I saved from when I was at University. So I packed up and got me a little peice of land. Mamma gently explained that now that there was no babies in the house, why, the kids could take care of themselves....but I reckon that episode where Shane took it upon hisself to to take a shower, then not botherin' to git dressed to come to the dinner table might have something do to with me gittin' my own place....I guess mamma and daddy didn't view the loveliness of his body in the same frame of mind like he and I do.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Bostics, Week10/Passin' Patches

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Title: Passin' Patches

Lot: The Bostic Residence (main house) Ramey, Pachionetta, and Dovie

Last Visit:
Andre Earns A Car

Ramey Narrating - *inhaling on a cigarette* Well that troublemaker daughter of mine returned from Sim State University. You know I am talkin' about Dovie. *blows out the smoke* To tell ya the truth, I was mighty impressed with 'er. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in physics. Soon as she got in and got her stuff unpacked in 'er old room, she got right on the 'net and started job huntin'. Yessiree, if there is one thing I have taught my kids it is to work hard. Well, she got a job at the same hospital I did, all them years ago, and before I knew it, by gawd, she was chief of staff of the joint. Hayelle, I should have known it would be no different....well...she was a trouble maker as a kid. Somehow State turned her right around. She seems to funnel all that nervous energy that used to get her in trouble to workin' and livin'.
Well, she stayed with that job for just a short time... Then... *stubs out the cigarette* She did somethin' I wished she wouldn't have, but her bein' and adult I couldn't tell her no. After all, I did it myself.

Image hosted by

She approached me an' and told me she was gonna carry on the family tradition, go into crime. Well, she is a Criminal Mastermind, like me. I am givin' up my seat now. After all, there is another one of us in town, Zaed Robbins also keeps the local Captian Heros on their toes. I think Dovie will do a fine job. I went out with a bang though, yes I did. I pulled my old tried and true Doomsday caper on the fine authorities of Prosperity be sure...on that old worn out Captian Hero, Ricky Cromier. (See Ricky Gives Up ) That old fossil Cromier couldn't decide to look after the Power Plant, or go after the giant robot I unleashed. Well, I managed to extort $60,000 out of 'em. Yep, that is enough cashola fer me to leave to the next generation around here, keep 'em goin'.

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Well, that is what Dovie did. Got right to work. There was somethin' big loomin' in our lives, brought back memories for me, and I was sure glad to have my girl to lean on. I'll say it like this. My sister Pachionetta and I was always real close. I guess you know that from what I told you before about 'er. (See The Big Move). How she helped me raise Dovie and Andre, and helped out when dad died. Well we lived altogether in this big house, and we had our friends over. We was popular folk, you know? Well that made it all the harder fer me when Patches's time was up. Havin' to call all those people and tell 'em there was a new obit in the paper.

Pachionetta Bostic

Our beloved resident Mad Scientist
Pachionetta Bostic passed away in her
living room whilst entertaining
guests in her home Thursday night.
Miss Bostic was active in many community
and civil groups including the
Prosperity Falls Science Club,
Reformed Criminal Masterminds,
and Virgins Anonymous.
She leaves behind two sisters, Miss Ramey Bostic and Mrs. Kirstee Strickland. She also had
13 neices and nephews, and was great aunt to 5 darling children.
Her life insurance policy benefited 13 people, and
she was 75 when she bit the dust.

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Yep, my baby sister is gone. Buried 'er in the back yard beside dad. That's were Dovie came in. I turned into a damn spineless jelly fish, I did. Couldn't do a thing, had to miss work. Dovie took care of it all, got Patches all buried nice and proper. Hayelle.... *wiping eye* well. That makes two of my sisters gone now. (See Spooky Happenings) Seems real strange don't it? Both of the younger ones went before me an' Kirstee. I was the oldest, then Kirstee, Patches, then Morgan-Rose.

Well Dovie is gettin' on with her life. I reckon she found her a man whilst she was at University, a real strapin' young man named Lee Jeffries. (See Manual Capehart Caught Cheating!)

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He comes over to see 'er every now and then, but so far those two haven't set a date yet. I was hopin' to see a grandchild before my days was done. Well, that is life. My boy Andre will be back from University soon. I guess he will have a whole bucket fulla stuff to tell me...I hear he has him a girl, Yasika Robbins. Hayelle, I bet those two will give me a grandchild before Dovie and Lee.

Accomplishments this round: Dovie - Top of Career - Chief of Staff and Criminal Mastermind. LTW - Criminal Mastermind. Pachionetta - Platinum headstone, and Top Influence Level at death.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ecological Guru Farmer Fraiser

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Title: Ecological Guru Farmer Fraiser

Lot: Strickland Farm - Fraiser, Camryn, Kolton and Karen

Last Visit:
Farmer Fraiser

Frasier narrating: I have been promoted to an Ecological Guru at my job in the Natural Science field. I have learned all kinds of things, and I got a wonderful Cowplant as a job reward. The day I was promoted, I received over $30,000 Simoleons! I talked things over with Camryn, and we both agreed that the farm we bought when we first graduated from Sim State was far too small. So we invested our simoleons in a new place. (They took their one move as an adult).

This new farm house has a large porch out front, and a plenty big yard for our kids. I got the cowplant corraled on the corner of the property, and all our chickens in the same pen with him. Inside has a great kitchen for Camryn to can vegetables in the summertime, with a walkout porch where we take our meals. Runnin' a farm is lots of hard work, I don't make much money at it but I love it all the same.

Did you hear me say kids? Yeah, we have had another one. Her name is Karen. Our son Kolton grew up to a toddler, and Camryn started purrin' in my ear wouldn't another baby be nice?

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So now I got me a daughter too. Kolton now catches the school bus ever day, and Karen is a toddler. Camryn wants another one! (family sim) I don't know that I want another child, but to have more hands to help with the farm work would really help. I am a man of science (knowledge sim) and am thinking I would like to go into another field of work. I like the farm and work it as such, but I do spend much time studying the stars at night, where I often consider Camryn's request for another child.

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I hear lots of talk when I go into town to get supplies. There's lots of information going around about the next mayor's race and all. I am hearing that Doris Capehart is going to run. More power to her. I don't care for politicin' myself, but I am sorta leanin' toward something else....I don't wanna discuss this with Camryn...but I hear a person can make a lot of money doin' counterfietin'. I know, I know it ain't exactly legal. But I got me a nice basement where I could put the printing plates. I heard when I went into town that Ramey Bostic has been in this line of business for years, and hasn't had any trouble. She lives in a mansion of a house. I want a monster of a farm for my kids. This house is nice, but there's not enough land. I am gonna think real hard on it.

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In the mean time, it is me, my wife and my kids. I love life, and Prosperity Falls. I'll let ya know next time what I decided to do!

Accomplishments this round: Fraiser - Top of Career - Ecological Guru